Town of Cheyenne Wells government payments - March 2023

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Published Friday, April 21, 2023




The Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 11, 2023, by Mayor Kara Uhland. Cheyenne Wells Trustees Present: Mayor Pro-tern Carleton Pelton, Jared Lamb, Sherry Jones, Mark Galli, Rex Hyle and Interim member Brandon Noe. Staff Present Town Clerk Administrator Debbie Knudsen, Deputy Clerk Karen Miller and Town Superintendent Aaron Crum. The Bills for All Funds were approved upon motion from Trustee Pelton and seconded by Trustee Hyle. All ayes, motion carried.




Payroll    $8,589.95 

Debbie Knudsen, Registration & Hotel     $599.00 

Computer Specialist Inc., SH Computer     $225.00 

PACFA, 2023 Renewal    $450.00 

Central Plains Equipment, R&M Machine     $138.31 

CAF Media, Youth State Ball Ad    $150.00 

CHP, Health, Life, Dental, Vision Ins.    $2,538.60 

Century Link, Phone Service    $335.99 

Black Hills Energy, CH Utility     $183.45 

Deni Eiring, Municipal Judge     $300.00 

Office Depot, Office Supplies     $81.76 

Rebeltec, CH, SH, & PK Internet     $289.85 

Aflac, Cancer Ins.    $97.52 

Edward Jones, 1st Qtr. Retirement     $1,665.11 

1000 Bulbs, Freight & Sales Tax     $168.60 

Kara Uhland, 1st Qtr. Mayor Comp     $300.00 

Mark Galli, 1st Qtr. Comp    $150.00 

Rex Hyle, pt Qtr. Comp     $150.00 

Sherry Jones, 1st Qtr. Comp    $150.00 

Jared Lamb, 1st Qtr. Comp     $150.00 

Carleton Pelton, 1st Qtr. Comp    $150.00 

CIRSA, 2023 Occupational AD&D    $144.00 

PR Diamond Products, Asphalt Blades    $1,100.00 

JR Oilfield Service, Oxygen Refill & Sweeper Repair    $111.53 

Red's Auto Parts, Street Sweeper & Crack Seal Maint.    $243.17 

Office Works, Duplicating Supplies    $104.24 

Kwik Korner, Employee Appreciation Meal     $28.46 

Cheyenne Wells Grocery, SH Supplies    $45.66 

Cheyenne Wells Lumber, Blue Lights, Window Install, Maint,    $582.37 

K.C. Electric, CH, SH, PK, SL Utility    $2,938.59 

T&B Sanitation, CH, PK, SH Trash Removal    $174.75 

Aaron Crum, Denver Street Supplies    $42.48 

Petersen Smith Hardware, CH & PK Paint Supply    $454.11 

C&K Oil, Gas & Crack Seal Supplies (55gal)    $1,141.03




Payroll    $6,883.36 

Town of Cheyenne Wells, PC Supplies    $131.05 

General Fund, Reimburse Feb Error    $1,873.23 

Office Depot, Supplies    $193.32 

CHP, Health, Life, Dental, Vision Ins.    $1,235.20 

Hach, Operating Supplies    $378.67 

Black Hills Energy, Tower Utility    $337.03 

Town of Cheyenne Wells, PC Supplies & Postage    $53.04 

Rebeltec, Water Tank Internet    $69,95

Daniel Electric Inc., Doty Repair    $810.84 

Colorado Analytical Lab., Feyh VOE & SOC, Sample    $2,005.30 

East Cheyenne Ground Water Mgmt., Yearly Inspection    $600.00 

Edward Jones, 1st Qtr. Retirement    $869.74 

Postmaster, Bulk Postage    $105.60 

Adelaida Trevino, Meter Deposit Refund    $50.00 

RH Water & Wastewater Inc., Water Sample Monthly Fee    $600.00 

K.C. Electric, Pump Power    $3,739.85 

Cheyenne Wells Lumber, Gloves & Repairs    $430.25 

Russel Davis, Meter Deposit Refund    $17.00 

Brady Unruh, Meter Deposit Refund    $70.00 


I, Deborah G. Knudsen, Town Clerk/Treasurer, for the Town of Cheyenne Wells, do hereby certify that the above bills are a true and complete copy, as record of this office.


/s/ Deborah G. Knudsen Town Clerk Administrator


Published April 21, 2023

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