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Traffic stop in Eads leads to drug arrests

© / Chris Sorensen

A traffic stop in the 300 block of West 15th Street in Eads Saturday led to the arrest of two people on drug charges.

During the stop, Kiowa County Sheriff’s deputies questioned two occupants of the vehicle about illegal drug activity. A man, who was the driver of the vehicle, attempted to flee on foot, but was pursued by deputies who were able to place him under arrest.

A woman in the vehicle was also arrested on an outstanding warrant from a Colorado agency.

Neither person has been identified.

While searching the vehicle, deputies found illegal drugs, distribution equipment, and a handgun.

Drugs found during the search included

  • Methamphetamine - approximately 371 grams.
  • Fentanyl - approximately 818 pills, or 88 grams.
  • Heroin - approximately 10 grams
  • Cocaine - approximately 5 grams

An investigation is continuing.