Dear Dietitian – Calorie-Restricted Diet?

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Dear Dietitian,

I just read an article that said a permanent 25-30% reduction in caloric intake produces anti-aging benefits and results in a longer lifespan.  Is this true?


Dear Seth, 

Let us first define anti-aging.  It is not fewer wrinkles unfortunately; rather, it is slowing down the aging process by decreasing disease. Studies have been performed on animals in which their caloric intake was decreased by about 30%, and the result was a longer lifespan.  But does this transfer to humans?

Letter to the Editor – Intervention can Save a Life

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Interventions can be the difference between life and death for a drug addict or an alcoholic. Not every person in need of rehabilitation readily accepts the opportunity to get clean and handle the issues that drove them to addiction. While some addicts or alcoholics have been so badly beaten and battered by their lifestyle that they grasp at the first opportunity to deal with their problems, others need an external influence and viewpoint in order to seek help.

Class Offered for Growing, Using and Preserving Herbs

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Build and plant your own windowsill herb garden in this fun, hands-on class offered by CSU Extension-Pueblo County.  Growing, Using and Preserving Herbs will be presented June 27, 2018 from 5:30-7:30 pm. Participants will learn to grow and care for herbs; flavor and food combinations; and how to dry and store herbs. 

The class fee is $20, which includes planter. Registration is required by June 22.