Colorado Tax Checkoff Benefits Wildlife Fund

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Help some of our state's threatened and endangered wildlife by volunteering a contribution to the Non-game Conservation and Wildlife Restoration Cash Fund on your 2017 Colorado state tax return through the voluntary income tax checkoff.  Donations made on Line 1 of Colorado tax form 104CH support wildlife rehabilitation and conservation throughout the state.

Spotting Elder Abuse - Tips for Long-Distance Caregivers

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From a distance, it can be hard to assess the quality of your family member's caregivers. Ideally, if there is a primary caregiver on the scene, he or she can keep tabs on how things are going.

Perhaps you have already identified friends or neighbors who can stop in unannounced to be your eyes and ears. Sometimes, a geriatric care manager can help.

From the Extension Agent - Too Much Month at the End of the Money?

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Too Much Month at the End of the Money?

Most of us get up every day and trade our time for a specific amount of money each month.  There are also some of us out there who also work when we have time off like on the weekends or even holidays.  Then there are the select few that have passive revenue streams like rentals, a cow herd, or other investments that help them create wealth to try and get ahead or just help provide for the family.

3 Ways Parents and Family can Cope when a Child has a Deadly Disease

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When a child is stricken with a deadly, little-known disease, the home can suddenly feel like a lost sailboat in a stormy sea. Waves of emotion overwhelm what had been a serene, happy place, and each family member faces challenges of how to move forward.

News of the diagnosis can take everyone off-guard, including the parents. Knowing their role is to always be in control, they find their world turned upside-down. But somehow, they must cope and help the terminally ill child and the siblings do the same.

Forest Service Extends Deadline to Apply for Temporary Jobs

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The Rocky Mountain Region of the USDA Forest Service has announced the availability of 300 temporary jobs in a variety of occupations for the 2018 field season throughout national forests and grasslands in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Temporary jobs are available for trails, forestry, engineering, wildlife, recreation, fisheries, archaeology and administrative support.


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Dear EarthTalk: What are so-called "intentional communities"? And are there any in the U.S. that are sustainability-focused?                                                            -- Elissa McNeal, Washington, DC


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Dear EarthTalk: Can you settle this age-old question for me once and for all: Is it greener to take showers or baths? And how can I save water either way?     -- Tim Jackson, Queensbury, NY