Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to meet May 3 and 4 in Grand Junction

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The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission will discuss adopting recommendations for 2018 Big Game limited licenses, the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Program and consider rules and designation of the Cameo Shooting and Educational Complex. The Commission will also hear updates on the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan and begin discussing the next Big Game Season Structure at its May meeting in Grand Junction.

Colorado Communities Coming Together for Wildfire Preparedness Day 

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May 5 is "Wildfire Preparedness Day" in Colorado - a day when communities across the state come together to prepare for wildfires and take actions to reduce their wildfire risk. The proclamation, which dedicates a day to engage communities in focusing on activities that create awareness, education and action to reduce potential deaths and property losses through their preparedness efforts, coincides with the 2018 National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day.

Billions of Gallons of Water Saved by Thinning Forests

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There are too many trees in Sierra Nevada forests, say scientists affiliated with the National Science Foundation (NSF) Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory (CZO).

That may come as a surprise to those who see dense, verdant forests as signs of a healthy environment. After all, green is good, right? Not necessarily. When it comes to the number of trees in California forests, bigger isn't always better.

NPS Celebrates National Park Week

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The National Park Service is celebrating National Park Week, April 21-29, with ideas and options to make your visit memorable.

There's no better vacation than a trip to a national park. While iconic parks get a lot of love (and crowds), there are more than 400 sites in the National Park System. That's more than 400 opportunities for connecting with the outdoors, witnessing an amazing wildlife moment, learning important lessons from history, and sharing memories with friends and family.

Las Animas County Fire Ban Prohibits Fires for Camping, Cooking, Smoking in Park, Wildlife Areas

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife is alerting visitors to its wildlife areas and park in Las Animas County that fire restrictions enacted by the sheriff apply on state-controlled areas.

High winds and low humidity have created dangerous conditions and produced devastating wildfires leading Las Animas County to enact Stage 2 fire restrictions.

Sheriff James Casias announced the fire restrictions, with approval of the Board of County Commissioners, after two wildfires broke out April 17: the 728-acre Broken Ranch Fire and the 4,783-acre Trinchera Creek Fire.

Help Keep Young Wildlife Wild this Spring in Colorado

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With spring appearing in every corner of Colorado, residents and visitors will soon see an abundance of new life, including young wildlife. Many birds and mammals give birth this time of year, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife advises that if you see young wildlife to leave them alone. 

Now through June, newborn wildlife may be found in backyards, along trails, open spaces or in some rare instances in parking lots.