Map and Compass Basics Course Offered

Outdoors - Horseshoe Park, Rocky Mountain National Park - Wikimedia

The Rocky Mountain Conservancy's Field Institute is offering an course titled "Orienteering for Beginners: Map & Compass Basics in RMNP", which will be held May 19.

The half day course is designed for the recreational hiker who has little or no experience reading a topographic map or working with a compass. Participants will learn to read contour lines, recognize landforms, calculate percent and angle of slope, become familiar with compass components, compass bearings, correcting for magnetic declination, and more. 

Tips Solve 2 Wildlife Harassment Incidents, Help Sought for 3rd

PICT Moose - CPW

Two high-profile wildlife incidents over the past weekend in Summit County - including videos and a photo showing those involved approaching or feeding moose - have been addressed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, thanks to tips from the public.

CPW officials says it is often the public's help that brings wildlife violators to justice. In these recent cases, social media not only played a role in finding those responsible, many in the public learned about the dangers of approaching and feeding moose after reading public comments about the incidents.

Colorado Parks Seeks Public Help Identifying Man Harassing Moose

PROMO 660 x 440 Outdoors - Colorado Parks Wildlife Mountains Baca National Wildlife Refuge - USFWS

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is asking the public for help identifying a man pictured on social media (photo below) standing within a few feet of an angry moose along a busy stretch of road in Frisco.
According to a witness, he and his passenger observed the man chase the moose onto the median Friday afternoon in the 900 block of 10 Mile Drive in Frisco. They were able to snap a photo of the incident as they drove past the man and the agitated animal.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Accepting Applications for Sportsmen’s Roundtable

PROMO 660 x 440 Outdoors - Colorado Parks Wildlife Mountains Baca National Wildlife Refuge - USFWS

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is accepting applications for a two-year volunteer term for members of the statewide Colorado Sportsmen's Roundtable. In order to maintain regional representation on the Roundtable, CPW is seeking two members from the northwest region, one from the northeast, and three from the southwest. For details on regional boundaries, see a map of the regions at the CPW website.

Ranger Station - Reflections on life as a ranger as busy summer season approaches 

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Whether it is the early morning fog over the park, vivid summer sunsets or the beauty of a full moon rising, my "office" is an amazing place.

After 10 years a ranger at two Colorado state parks, I've learned no two days are the same, whether you are talking about the people, the weather or the activities that take place. A day in the life of a park ranger can bring everything from a pleasant campfire talk to a panic over a snake in a campground to a late-night fight and everything in between.

2018 Colorado Sheep & Goat License Draw Results Posted

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Attention hunters! The draw results for 2018 Colorado Sheep and Goat Hunting have been posted. Hunters who have applied for a license should receive a notification in their email inboxes Friday. Applicants who do not see an email can log into their Colorado Parks and Wildlife account at https://www.cpwshop.com and check for updated information.

Dry winter misses the Upper Arkansas; Outfitters prepping for busy whitewater season

Rafting on the Upper Arkansas River - Courtesy CPW

Whitewater rafting and kayaking enthusiasts, who make the Arkansas River one of the most popular whitewater rivers in the nation, received good news this week from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), which manages flows in the river.

The BOR released its May forecast regarding the availability of water for the Voluntary Flow Management Program (VFMP) in the Arkansas River for the upcoming whitewater season and projected a minimum of 10,000 acre feet of water will be available for recreational purposes.