The Top Backcountry Ski Areas in Colorado

Top Backcountry Skiing

Colorado is known for its stunning views and the variety of outdoor activities enjoyed here during the winter. As the season goes on and conditions get harsher, Coloradoans and visitors still head out for fun-filled days in the snow. Backcountry skiing is a favorite activity at times like these, so we've put together a list of the top backcountry ski areas in Colorado to visit this season.

5 Top Snowmobile Trails in Colorado

Top Snowmobile Trails in Colorado

Want to experience the wonderful beauty of the Colorado outdoors in winter? There are so many different ways to take in the state's stunning sights. When people travel to Colorado, a lot of them come to ski down mountains. If that isn't your cup of tea, try snowmobiling! It's a terrific way to get fresh air without having to put your athleticism to the tests posed by skiing and snowboarding. The thrill of a high-speed ride with bewitching alpine scenery is why people love to snowmobile. Check out our top snowmobile trails in Colorado.

The Best Places to Ice Fish in Colorado

Ice Fishing

Fishing isn't only a summer activity. Here's our picks for the best places to ice fish in Colorado!

Chambers Lake

Chambers Lake is a 255 acre coldwater reservoir that's seven miles east of Cameron Pass on Hwy 14. The lake offers a campground and boat ramp, and the most popular fish in the lake are by far the rainbow trout, lake trout, and kokanee salmon. The inlet bay is the best part of the lake to catch trout, whereas catching kokanee salmon is best done with jigs, which feature weights molded onto hooks in the shape of various creatures.

8 of the Best Winter Hiking Spots in Colorado

Winter Hiking Colorado

Many people tend to forget about hiking in the winter. This is unfortunate, because we lose out on so many opportunities to experience the wintry side of nature - especially in Colorado. The snowcapped mountains and the extensive trails look that much more beautiful when they're sparkling in the snow. Besides, hiking is a wonderful way to get your heart rate up and breathe in some fresh air. To get you inspired for a frosty hiking trip, we've selected some of the best winter hiking spots in Colorado.