2019 Kiowa County Fair Results - Open Class

PROMO 660 x 440 Miscellaneous - Kiowa County Fairgrounds Grandstand Smoky Sunset - Chris Sorensen
Published Saturday, October 5, 2019


Mandy Adamson                                              

Garden: Jalapeno Peppers                                                                     1st

Garden: Long Green or Yellow Chili Peppers                                           2nd

Hobby: Wall Hanging, Embroidered, etc.                                                1st

Hobby: Scrapbook- One Page                                                                 1st

Hobby: Halloween Ideas                                                                        1st

Hobby: Ideas for other Holidays                                                             1st

Hobby: Educational Exhibit                                                                    1st

Fancy Works: Decorated Bath                                                                1st

Fancy Works: Embroidered Dish towels                                                  1st

Fancy Works: Other Doilies                                                                    1st

Fancy Works: Other Pillows                                                                   1st

Fancy Works: Embroidered Pillowcase                                                   1st

Fancy Works: Any other Decorated Clothing Article                                1st

Fancy Works: Fabric Stuffed Item                                                           2nd

Quilts: Recycled Quilt; Machine Quilted                                                 1st

Quilts: Embroidered Baby Quilt;Machine Quilted                                   1st

Renee Barton                                       

Photography: Advance/Professional Still Life                                          1st

Photography: Advance/Professional Activities                                        1st

Photography: Advance/Professional Portrait                                          3rd

Joyce Berry                                           

Garden: Green Tomatoes                                                                      2nd

Garden: Cherry, Plum, or Cherry Tomatoes                                            3rd

Flowers: Daisies                                                                                    1st

Flowers: Petunias                                                                                  1st

Flowers: Zinnias                                                                                    1st

Flowers: House Plants blooming                                                            Res Cham

Flowers: Cactus and Succulents                                                             1st

Flowers: Hydroponics                                                                            1st

Flowers: Potted Arrangements                                                              Champ

Flowers: Marigolds                                                                                2nd

Flowers: Other Varity Small Flower                                                        2nd

Flowers: Cosmos                                                                                   3rd

Flowers: House Plants non-blooming                                                     3rd

Flower Arrangements: Miniature Arrangement; 3 in or less                     1st

Flower Arrangements: Miniature Arrangement; 3 in.- 6 in.                      1st

Flower Arrangements: Miniature Arrangements; other than fresh           1st

Flower Arrangements: Artificial Centerpiece one sided arrangement       1st

Flower Arrangements: Artificial Centerpiece seen from all directions       Champ

Flower Arrangements: Dried Arrangement                                             Res Cham

Antiques: Garment                                                                                1st

Antiques: Article Fabric                                                                         1st

Antiques: China or Porcelain                                                                  1st

Antiques: Glass                                                                                     1st

Antiques: Gold                                                                                      1st

Antiques: Silver                                                                                     1st

Antiques: Silverware and or Cookware                                                   1st

Antiques: Paper Articles                                                                        1st

Antiques: Photographs                                                                          1st

Antiques: Watches or Clocks                                                                  1st

Antiques: Toys                                                                                      1st

Antiques: Wood or Leather Accessories                                                 1st

Antiques: Afghan                                                                                  1st

Antiques: Bottles or Jars                                                                        2nd

Antiques: Metal                                                                                    2nd

Antiques: Copper or Brass                                                                     2nd

Antiques: Books                                                                                    2nd

Antiques: Prints or Originals                                                                  2nd

Antiques: Jewelry                                                                                  2nd

Antiques: Dolls                                                                                      2nd

Antiques: Farm Tools                                                                            2nd

Antiques: Western Tack                                                                         2nd

Collections: Jewelry Collection                                                               1st

Collections: Educational Exhibit                                                             Res Cham

Food Preservation: Other Frozen Veg.                                                    2nd

Baked Goods: Banana Bread; unfrosted                                                 1st

Baked Goods: Muffins                                                                           1st

Baked Goods: Biscuits                                                                           1st

Baked Goods: Brownies                                                                         1st

Baked Goods: Chocolate Chip Cookies                                                    1st

Baked Goods: Peanut Butter Cookies                                                     1st

Baked Goods: Oatmeal Cookies                                                             1st

Baked Goods: Fancy Tea Cookies                                                           1st

Baked Goods: Molasses Cookies                                                            1st

Baked Goods: Commissioner's Cookie Jar                                               "Best Of Show"

Baked Goods: Other Candy                                                                    1st

Baked Goods: Quick Bread no nuts unfrost.                                            2nd

Baked Goods: Other Cookies                                                                 2nd

Ethan Britten                                        

Garden: Cantaloupe or Muskmelon                                                       1st

Field/Crop: Peck Hybrid Sorghum Early                                                  1st

Milo Britten                                          

Garden: Cucumbers for slicing                                                               1st

Garden: Ears Sweet Corn; husked                                                          1st

Field/Crop: Peck Hard Red Winter Wheat                                               Champ

Field/Crop: Heads hybrid Early Grain                                                      Res Cham

Field/Crop: Ears of hybrid Corn                                                              1st

Field/Crop: Heads hybrid Early Grain                                                      2nd

Field/Crop: Heads hybrid Early Grain                                                      3rd

Field/Crop: Heads Proso Millet                                                              2nd

Quinn Britten                                       

Garden: Sweet Potatoes                                                                        1st

Garden: Watermelon, green                                                                  1st

Field/Crop: Heads Proso Millet                                                              Champ

Destiny Cornelius                                             

Age 9-13: Art Colored Sketch                                                                 3rd

Mia Crow                                             

Age 9-13: Misc-sewing                                                                          2nd

Age 9-13: Foods- 4 Muffins                                                                    2nd

Jett Deines                                           

Small Animal Show and Tell                                                                   Champ

Age 5-8: Hobby Collection                                                                     1st

Age 5-8: Bird Houses                                                                             1st

Age 5-8: Crayon Art                                                                               2nd

Liam Eder                                             

Age 5-8: Cookies                                                                                   1st

Age 5-8: A Craft Item                                                                             1st

Age 5-8: Baked Goods                                                                           1st

Peyton Eder                                          

Age 9-13: Misc-sewing                                                                          1st

Age 9-13: Misc-Quilting                                                                         1st

Age 9-13: Foods- Loaf Quick bread                                                         Champ

Age 9-13: Foods- 4 Cookies                                                                    Res Cham

Dorothy Ellicott                                    

Flowers: Snapdragon                                                                             1st

Flowers: Giant Dahlias                                                                           "Champ/Judge's Choice"

Flowers: Gladioli                                                                                   Res Cham

Flowers: Other Variety Small Flower                                                      1st

Flowers: Zinnia                                                                                      2nd

Flowers: Marigolds                                                                                3rd

Flowers: Petunias                                                                                  3rd

Flowers: Zinnias                                                                                    3rd

Flower Arrangements: Mixed Bouquets                                                 1st

Flower Arrangements: One Variety                                                        1st

Flower Arrangements: Two Color Combo                                               1st

Flower Arrangements: Centerpiece arrangement Tall-over 8 in.              1st

Flower Arrangements: Single Blossom                                                    2nd

Antiques: Metal                                                                                    Res Cham

Antiques: Prints or Originals                                                                  1st

Antiques: Jewelry                                                                                  1st

Antiques: Antique-any other Article                                                       2nd

Food Preservation: Peaches                                                                   1st

Food Preservation: other canned fruit                                                    1st

Food Preservation: Tomato Juice                                                           1st

Food Preservation: Tomatoes                                                                1st

Food Preservation: Canned Meat                                                           Champ

Food Preservation: Currant Jelly                                                            1st

Food Preservation: Grape Jelly                                                               1st

Food Preservation: Strawberry Jam                                                        1st

Food Preservation: Apricot Jam                                                             1st

Food Preservation: Marmalade                                                              1st

Food Preservation: Pickled Okra                                                            1st

Food Preservation: Relish                                                                      1st

Food Preservation: Green Beans                                                                        1st

Food Preservation: Corn                                                                        1st

Food Preservation: Other Frozen Vegs.                                                  1st

Food Preservation: Pears                                                                       2nd

Food Preservation: Plums                                                                      2nd

Food Preservation: Cherry Jelly                                                              2nd

Food Preservation: Other Jams                                                              2nd

Food Preservation: Pickled Vegetables                                                   2nd

Food Preservation: Beet Pickles                                                             3rd

Baked Goods: Loaf White Bread                                                             1st

Baked Goods: Loaf Whole Wheat Bread                                                 1st

Baked Goods: Quick Bread no nuts unfrost                                             1st

Baked Goods: Other Bread                                                                    1st

Baked Goods: Other Cookies                                                                 2nd

Baked Goods: Peach Pie                                                                        2nd

Baked Goods: Pumpkin Pie                                                                    2nd

Fancy Works SR: Embroidered Dish Towel                                              Champ

George Ellicott                                      

Garden: Table Carrots                                                                           1st

Garden: Zucchini Squash                                                                       "Best of Show"

Garden: Cucumbers pickling                                                                  1st

Garden: Green Tomatoes                                                                      1st

Garden: Roma Tomatoes                                                                       1st

Garden: Canning Tomatoes                                                                   1st

Garden: Bell Peppers                                                                             "Best of Show"

Garden: Long Green or Yellow Chili Peppers                                           1st

Garden: Cherry Peppers                                                                        1st

Garden: Any other Variety of Peppers                                                    1st

Garden: Yellow Snap Beans                                                                   1st

Garden: Green Beans                                                                            1st

Garden: Eggplant Fruit                                                                          1st

Garden: Peaches                                                                                   "Best of Show"

Garden: Plums                                                                                      1st

Garden: Grapes                                                                                     1st

Garden: Cucumbers slicing                                                                    2nd

Garden: Tomatoes                                                                                2nd

Garden: Cherry, Plum, or Cherry Tomatoes                                            2nd

Garden: Collective Gardening                                                                2nd

Garden: Jalapeno Peppers                                                                     3rd

Jaxon Fehr                                            

Poultry                                                                                                 1st

Braxtyn Ferris                                       

Small Animal Show and Tell                                                                   Res Cham

Garden: Largest Pumpkin                                                                      1st

Garden: Green Tomatoes                                                                      3rd

Braya Ferris                                          

Garden 4-H or FFA: Head Cabbage                                                         Res Cham

Garden 4-H or FFA: Largest Pumpkin                                                      Champ

Summer Giddens                                              

Baked Goods: Decorated Cake                                                               2nd

Baked Goods: Other Cookies                                                                 3rd

Alice Glover                                          

Flowers: Cosmos                                                                                   2nd

Flower Arrangements: Single Blossom                                                    1st

Flower Arrangements: Flower Bowl                                                       1st

Food Preservation: Tomatoes                                                                2nd

Baked Goods: Coffee Cake                                                                     1st

Baked Goods: Ice Box Cookies                                                                1st

Baked Goods: Other Cookies                                                                 1st

Baked Goods: Bundt Cake                                                                      1st

Baked Goods: Peanut Brittle                                                                  1st

Baked Goods: Loaf Whole Wheat Bread                                                 2nd

Baked Goods: Peanut Butter Cookies                                                     2nd

Baked Goods: Fancy Tea Cookies                                                           2nd

Baked Goods: Other Candy                                                                    2nd

Baked Goods: Zucchini Bread                                                                 3rd

Baked Goods: Banana Bread                                                                  3rd

Baked Goods: Chocolate Chip Cookies                                                    3rd


Ashley Gooden                                     

Art: Ink Sketches- Beginner/Amateur                                                     1st

Kalen Gooden                                       

Age 0-4: Painting                                                                                   1st

Kyce Gooden:                                       

Age 0-4: Painting                                                                                   2nd

Age 0-4: Cookies                                                                                   Res Cham

Age 0-4: Other                                                                                      Champ

Kytan Gooden                                      

Age 5-8: Decorated Cookies                                                                   1st

Age 5-8: Crayon Art                                                                               1st

Age 5-8: Pencil Art                                                                                1st

Age 5-8: Photography                                                                            Champ

Age 5-8: Jewelry                                                                                    1st

Age 5-8: Wind Chimes                                                                           1st

Age 5-8: Nature Art Project                                                                   1st

Age 5-8: Cookies                                                                                   2nd

Age 5-8: Bird Houses                                                                             2nd

Age 5-8: Other                                                                                      2nd

Norman Greenfield                                           

Photography: Advance/Pro. Historic Site                                                1st

Photography: Advance/Pro. Season/holiday                                           1st

Photography: Advance/Pro. Action                                                        1st

Photography: Advance/Pro. Rural Life                                                    1st

Photography: Advance/Pro. Humorous                                                  1st

Photography: Advance/Pro. Snapshot                                                    1st

Photography: Advance/Pro. Series of 3                                                  1st

Photography: Advance/Pro. Other                                                         1st

Photography: Advance/Pro. Still Life                                                      2nd

Photography: Advance/Pro. Animals                                                      2nd

Photography: Advance/Pro. Activities                                                    2nd

Photography: Advance/Pro. Scapes                                                        3rd

Susan Greenfield                                              

Fancy Works: Crocheted or Knitted potholders                                       1st

Fancy Works: Fancywork Doll/Animal                                                     2nd

Phyllis Griswould                                              

Fancy Works: Other Pillowcase                                                              2nd

Fancy Works: Patchwork Baby Quilt Machine Quilted                             1st

Hobby: Other                                                                                        1st

Elijah Harkness                                     

Age 9-13: Art- Colored Sketch                                                                2nd

Ky Harkness                                         

Age 9-13: Art- Colored Sketch                                                                Champ

Cheri Hopkins                                       

Food Preservation: Apple Jelly                                                               1st

Food Preservation: Other Jams                                                              1st

Food Preservation: Apple Butter                                                                        1st

Food Preservation: Other Butter                                                                        1st

Food Preservation: Dill Pickles                                                               1st

Food Preservation: Bread & Butter Pickles                                              1st

Food Preservation: Hot Sause/Salsa                                                       1st

Food Preservation: Gift Pack                                                                  1st

Food Preservation: Peach Jam                                                               2nd

Food Preservation: Beet Pickles                                                             2nd

Food Preservation: Relish                                                                      2nd

Mary Beth Hulteen                                           

Art: Beginner/Amateur Color Pencil Still Life                                           Grand

Art: Beginner/Amateur Color Pencil Flowers                                           1st

Art: Beginner/Amateur Color Pencil Other                                              1st

Art: Beginner/Amateur Pencil Sketch                                                     1st

Art: Beginner/Amateur Charcoal Sketch                                                 1st

Art: Beginner/Amateur Color Pencil Portrait                                           2nd

Sandy Jones                                         

Art: Advance/Pro. Landscape                                                                 Champ

Art: Advance/Pro. Acrylic Animals                                                          1st

Art: Advance/Pro. Watercolor Portrait                                                   Res Cham

Art: Advance/Pro. Watercolor Flowers                                                   1st

Karen Krueger                                      

Fancy Works: Other Crocheted Articles Small                                         2nd

Fancy Works: Other Crocheted Articles Large                                         3rd

Afghans: Advance Crotched Afghan                                                       2nd

Areta Laird                                           

Photography: Beginner Series of 3                                                         2nd

Antiques: Books                                                                                    Champ

Antiques: Article Fabric                                                                         2nd

Hobby: Scrapbook- one page                                                                 1st

Collections: Glass Insulators; Best Display                                               1st

Food Preservation: Rhubarb                                                                  1st

Terry Laird                                            

Garden: Tomatoes                                                                                1st

Garden: Grapes                                                                                     2nd

Antiques: Restored Antique                                                                   1st

Brandon Lening                                    

Age 14-18: Photography Historical Sites                                                 Champ

Age 14-18: Photography Other                                                              Res Cham

Brentley Lening                                    

Age 9-13: Photography                                                                          Res Cham

Mei Lan Lening                                     

Photography: Beginner series of 3                                                         1st

Collections: Other                                                                                 Champ

Doris Lessenden                                               

Flowers: Asters                                                                                     1st

Flowers: Sweet Peas                                                                              1st

Tearle Lessenden                                              

Photography: Beginner Still Life                                                             1st

Photography: Beginner Animals                                                             Champ

Photography: Rural Life                                                                         Res Cham

Hobby: Leathercraft                                                                              1st

Wanda Lessenden                                            

Food Preservation: Cherry Jelly                                                              1st

Food Preservation: Grape Jelly                                                               2nd

Baked Goods: Dinner Rolls                                                                     1st

Baked Goods: Sweet Rolls                                                                      1st

Baked Goods: Pumpkin Pie                                                                    Champ

Baked Goods: Loaf White Bread                                                             3rd

Baked Goods: Peanut Butter Cookies                                                     3rd

Baked Goods: Molasses Cookies                                                            3rd

Afghans: Baby Afghan or Robe Crocheted                                               Res Cham

Cindy McLoud                                      

Garden: Pie Pumpkins                                                                           1st

Garden: Cherry, Plum, or Cherry Tomatoes                                            1st

Garden: Largest Pumpkin                                                                      2nd

Garden: Zucchini Squash                                                                       3rd

Garden: Tomatoes, table use                                                                 3rd

Field/Crop: Shief Blue Grama                                                                 Champ

Flowers: Cosmos                                                                                   1st

Flowers: Daisies                                                                                    2nd

Flowers: House Plants in bloom                                                             2nd

Flowers: House Plants non-blooming                                                     2nd

Flowers: Potted Arrangement                                                                2nd

Baked Goods: Loaf Rye Bread                                                                2nd

Baked Goods: Dinner Rolls                                                                     2nd

Baked Goods: Sweet Rolls                                                                      2nd

Baked Goods: Muffins                                                                           2nd

Baked Goods: Oatmeal Cookies                                                             2nd

Baked Goods: Molasses Cookies                                                            2nd

Baked Goods: Other Bread                                                                    3rd

Alexa Nelson                                        

Photography: Beginner; Flowers                                                            2nd

Photography: Beginner; Scapes                                                              2nd

Photography: Beginner; Animals                                                            2nd

Photography: Beginner; Other                                                               2nd

Photography: Beginner; Snapshot                                                          3rd

Fancy Works: Fabric Stuffed Item                                                           1st

Age 14-18: Woodworking                                                                      2nd

Clayton Nelson                                     

Age 9-13: Misc- Embroidery                                                                   Champ

Age 9-13: Misc- Woodworking                                                               Res Cham

Age 9-13: Misc- Ceramics                                                                      1st

Age 9-13: Misc- Other                                                                           2nd

Michelle Nelson                                               

Flowers: Roses                                                                                      2nd

Photography: Beginner; Flowers                                                            1st

Photography: Beginner; Snapshot                                                          1st

Hobby: Wall Hanging; Fabric                                                                  1st

Fancy Works: Other Dresser Scarves or Table Runner                             1st

Fancy Works: Place Mats; any type                                                        2nd

Fancy Works: Panel Quilt; Machine Quilted                                            1st

Fancy Works: Applique Quilt; Machine Quilted                                       2nd

Fancy Works: Quilted Wall Hanging: Machine                                         3rd

Clothing: Doll Clothing                                                                           Champ

Donald Oswald                                     

Food Preservation: Pears                                                                       1st

Food Preservation: Plums                                                                      1st

Food Preservation: Apricots                                                                   1st

Food Preservation: Beet Pickles                                                             1st

Food Preservation: Pickled Vegetables                                                   Res Cham

Food Preservation: Hot Sauce, Salsa                                                       2nd

Food Preservation: Peaches                                                                   2nd

Baked Goods: Loaf Rye Bread                                                                1st

Baked Goods: Loaf Sourdough Bread                                                     1st

Baked Goods: Sourdough Rolls                                                              1st

Baked Goods: Apple Pie                                                                         1st

Baked Goods: Cherry Pie                                                                       1st

Baked Goods: Peach Pie                                                                        1st

Baked Goods: Rhubarb Pie                                                                    1st

Baked Goods: Other Fruit Pie                                                                 1st

Baked Goods: Loaf Whole Wheat Bread                                                 3rd

Baked Goods: Oatmeal Cookies                                                             3rd

Gloria Peck                                           

Quilts: Old top/new Back Hand Quilted                                                  1st

Quilts SR: Patchwork Quilt; Machine Quilted                                          "Champ/Judge's Choice"

Quilts SR: Old Top/New Back; Hand Quilted                                            Res Cham

Quilts SR: Panel Quilt; Hand Quilted                                                       1st

Quilts SR: Quilted Wall Hanging Hand Quilt                                            1st

Quilts SR: Wall Hanging; Machine Quilted                                              1st

Quilts SR: Baby Quilt- tied                                                                      1st

Quilts: Wall Hanging; Machine Quilted                                                   2nd

Quilts SR: Applique Quilt: Machine Quilt                                                2nd

Madonna Pollreis                                             

Hobby: Scrapbook; Complete                                                                Res Cham

Hobby: Trash to Treasure                                                                      1st

Quilts SR: Patchwork Quilt; Machine Quilted                                          3rd

Clothing: Jacket                                                                                     Res Cham

Clothing: Other Misc. Clothing                                                               2nd

Lynn Puls                                              

Art: Beginner; Colored Pencil; Portrait                                                    Res Cham

Krissy Ray                                             

Baked Goods: Fancy Breads                                                                   1st

Baked Goods: Batter Bread                                                                    "Best of Show"

Baked Goods: Decorated Cake                                                               1st

Baked Goods: Cupcakes Frosted                                                            1st

Baked Goods: Loaf White Bread                                                             2nd

Baked Goods: Banana Bread unfrosted                                                  2nd

Baked Goods: Other Bread                                                                    2nd

Baked Goods: Fudge                                                                             2nd

Baked Goods: Dinner Rolls                                                                     3rd

Baked Goods: No Bake Cookies                                                              3rd

Fancy Works: Other Crocheted Items; small                                           1st

Fancy Works: Other Crocheted Items; med                                            Res Cham

Fancy Works: Other Crocheted items; large                                            1st

Fancy Works: Crotched or Knitted Pillow                                                            1st

Fancy Works: Crotched Rug                                                                   1st

Fancy Works: Crocheted Baby Set                                                          Champ

Fancy Works: Other Baby apparel                                                          1st

Fancy Works: Crocheted or Knitted potholders and mats                        2nd

Afghans: Advanced-Crocheted Afghan                                                   Champ

Afghans: Baby Afghan or Robe Crocheted                                               2nd

Saige Sagner                                         

Age 5-8: Painting                                                                                   1st

Sloan Sagner                                        

Age 0-4: Painting                                                                                   3rd

Kyle Scott                                             

Garden: White Potatoes                                                                                    2nd

Garden: Yellow Squash Onions                                                              2nd

Garden: Beets, table use                                                                       2nd

Garden: Red Onions                                                                              2nd

Garden: Russet Potatoes                                                                       3rd

Garden: White Spanish Onions                                                              3rd

Garden: Bermuda Onions                                                                      3rd

Garden: Rhubarb                                                                                  3rd

Richard Scott                                        

Garden: White Potatoes                                                                                    1st

Garden: Any other variety for educational purposes                               1st

Garden: Red Potatoes                                                                           2nd

Garden: Russet Potatoes                                                                       2nd

Garden: White Spanish Onions                                                              2nd

Garden: Bermuda Onions                                                                      2nd

Garden: Table Carrots                                                                           2nd

Garden: Squash, Acorn                                                                          2nd

Garden: Miniature Pumpkins, Gourds or Squash for Decorative Purposes2nd

Garden: Rhubarb                                                                                  2nd

Garden: Yellow Squash Onions                                                              3rd

Garden: Beets, table use                                                                       3rd

Garden: Yellow Straight or Crook Squash                                                3rd

Garden: Plums                                                                                      3rd

Garden: Red Onions                                                                              3rd

Sharon Scott                                         

Garden: Red Potatoes                                                                           1st

Garden: Russet Potatoes                                                                       1st

Garden: White Spanish Onions                                                              1st

Garden: Yellow Spanish Onions                                                              1st

Garden: Bermuda Onions                                                                      "Best of Show"

Garden: Beets, table use                                                                       1st

Garden: Squash, Acorn                                                                          1st

Garden: Miniature Pumpkins, Gourds for Decorative purposes                1st

Garden: Rhubarb                                                                                  1st

Garden: Apples                                                                                     1st

Garden: Red Onions                                                                              1st

Garden: Zucchini Squash                                                                       2nd

Garden: Yellow Straight or Crook Squash                                                2nd

Garden: Roma Tomatoes                                                                       2nd

Garden: Plums                                                                                      2nd

Garden: White Potatoes                                                                                    3rd

Garden: Table Carrots                                                                           3rd

Garden: Long Green or Yellow Chili Peppers                                           3rd

Garden: Collective Gardening                                                                3rd

Flowers: Zinnia                                                                                      1st

Flowers: Roses                                                                                      1st

Flowers: Marigolds                                                                                1st

Flowers: Miniature Roses                                                                      1st

Flowers: Marigolds                                                                                2nd

Flowers: Zinnias                                                                                    2nd

Flower Arrangements: Mixed Bouquet                                                   2nd

Flower Arrangements: One Variety                                                        2nd

Flower Arrangements: Two color combo                                                2nd

Food Preservation: Peach Jelly                                                               1st

Food Preservation: Plum Jelly                                                                1st

Food Preservation: Berry Jam                                                                1st

Food Preservation: Peaches                                                                   1st

Food Preservation: Peach Jam                                                               3rd

Baked Goods: Banana Bread unfrosted                                                  1st

Baked Goods: Peanut Clusters                                                               1st

Baked Goods: Zucchini Bread unfrosted                                                 2nd

Baked Goods: No Bake Cookies                                                              2nd

Baked Goods: Bundt Cake                                                                      2nd

Baked Goods: Peanut Brittle                                                                  2nd

Stephanie Sewell                                              

Garden: Yellow Straight or Crook Squash                                                1st

Garden: Field Pumpkin                                                                          1st

Garden: Collective Gardening                                                                1st

Garden: Cucumbers pickling                                                                  2nd

Garden: Bell Peppers                                                                             2nd

Garden: Green beans                                                                            2nd

Garden: Cucumbers slicing                                                                    3rd

Jo Shoemaker                                       

Flowers: House Plants non-blooming                                                     1st

Hobby: Ceramics                                                                                   1st

Food Preservation: Other Veg. & Meat                                                   2nd

Food Preservation: Mixed Veg. Soup                                                      2nd

Food Preservation: Other Soups                                                            2nd

Roland Sorensen                                              

Hobby: Wood Novelties                                                                         1st

Carole Spady                                        

Hobby: Pinterest Creation with Fabric                                                    1st

Hobby: Christmas Idea                                                                          1st

Hobby: Easter Ideas                                                                              1st

Hobby: Pinterest Button Extravaganza                                                   1st

Hobby: Wall Hanging; Embroidered                                                       2nd

Hobby: Halloween Ideas                                                                        2nd

Hobby: All other Holidays Ideas                                                             2nd

Fancy Works: Fabric Potholders and Mats                                              1st

Fancy Works: Miniature Pillows                                                             1st

Fancy Works: Patchwork Pillows                                                            1st

Fancy Works: Other Pillowcases                                                             1st

Fancy Works: Place Mats; any type                                                        1st

Fancy Works: Other Dresser Scarves or Table Runner                             2nd

Quilts: Quilted Wall Hangings; Machine Quilt                                         Champ                                     

Quilts: Patchwork Baby Quilt; Machine Quilt                                          3rd

Clothing: Apron                                                                                     1st

Joey Specht                                          

Age 14-18: Colored Pencil Sketch                                                           Champ

Kathy Specht                                        

Fancy Works: Embroidery; machine                                                       1st

Fancy Works: Other Pillowcases                                                             3rd

Fancy Works: Applique Quilt; Machine Quilted                                       1st

Fancy Works: Mixed Technique Quilt Machine Quilted 

(2 or more techniques)                                                                          Judge'sChoice

Glenda Stoker                                      

Photography: Advance/Pro; Animals                                                      1st

Photography: Advance/Pro; Portrait                                                      2nd

Photography: Advance/Pro; Scapes                                                        2nd

Photography: Advance/Pro; Historical Site                                             2nd

Hobby: Jewelry                                                                                     2nd

Baked Goods: No Bake Cookies                                                              1st

Baked Goods: Angel Food Cake                                                              "Best of Show"

Baked Goods: Fudge                                                                             Res Cham

Baked Goods: Chocolate Chip Cookies                                                    2nd

Fancy Works: Patchwork Baby Quilt Machine Quilted                             2nd

Alyson Tallman                                     

Age 5-8: Handwork Item                                                                        Res Cham

Age 5-8: Ceramics                                                                                 1st

Age 5-8: Plaster, Clay, or Play Dough Project                                           1st

Louis Turner                                         

Photography: Advance/Pro; Portrait                                                      Res Cham

Photography: Advance/Pro; Scapes                                                        Champ

Josh Vortruba                                       

Age 14-18: Colored Pencil Sketch                                                           Res Cham

Lisa Walsh                                            

Garden: Cantaloupe or Muskmelon                                                       2nd

Photography: Beginner; Scapes                                                              1st

Photography: Beginner; Other                                                               1st

Photography: Beginner; Still Life                                                            2nd

Photography: Beginner; Snapshot                                                          2nd

Photography: Beginner; Animals                                                            3rd

Amy Weirich                                        

Flowers: Marigolds                                                                                1st

Flowers: Petunias                                                                                  2nd

Flowers: Zinnia                                                                                      3rd

Hobby: Wall Hanging; Macrame                                                             1st

Landon Zimmerman                                         

Age 9-13: Art; Other                                                                              2nd

Marley Zimmerman                                          

Age 5-8: Marker Art                                                                              1st

Age 5-8: Other                                                                                      1st

Age: 5-8: Painting                                                                                  2nd

Age 5-8: Jewelry                                                                                    2nd

Age 5-8: Wind Chimes                                                                           2nd

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