3 Simple ways to have internet off the grid

3 Simple ways to have internet off the grid

Feature Staff

Perhaps you’re contemplating moving to a place where there’s nothing but nature around you. Or, you might be planning a vacation in the wilderness but will still require access to your devices. Regardless of your situation, you know you’ll need some form of internet connection for work or communication. But is that even possible? Here are three simple ways to have internet off the grid.

Cell phone

If you don't absolutely need a computer for the work you need to do, then you may only need your cell phone to get internet off the grid. A cellphone or tablet is a great and simple way to connect yourself to the world wide web. All you need is to have an updated device and the ability to create a hotspot from your phone. Keep in mind that you may need to update your phone's data plan so that you can have a better connection.

Portable hub

Many people who enjoy traveling to different locations yet still need to access the internet will purchase a portable hub. A portable hub can gain internet from a SIM card, public Wi-Fi, or a local area network. That is why many nomads enjoy portable hubs, as they can get internet nearly whenever and wherever they are. What’s more, these hubs are faster than hotspots and allow you to move locations at a moment's notice.

Fixed wireless

Perhaps you’re contemplating a move into a rural area and need a reliable and secure wireless internet connection. Such a predicament is quite common because many people can feasibly move off the grid since they work from home. However, working remotely requires consistent access to the internet.

As such, you might consider purchasing fixed wireless internet. With this, you’ll gain internet access through a cell tower close to your residence, creating the dependable connection you need when working from home.