Different Kinds of Fishing That Redefine the Sport

Different Kinds of Fishing That Redefine the Sport

Feature Staff

Do you ever feel like you’ve caught it all? Fishing is a peaceful pastime for many of us, but there’s a fine line between “peaceful” and “boring.” When you’ve been at your favorite spot for too long, you’re more likely to fall asleep than get a nibble.

But there are so many different kinds of fishing out there, and trying just one can redefine the sport for you. Colorado has about 35 kinds of freshwater species, endless lakes, and thousands of miles of streams, so there’s no excuse to limit yourself. Try one of the following variations.

Ice Fishing

There’s no reason to hang up your pole when the going gets chilly. The ice is most solid from December to late February, and you’ll find trout, salmon, pike, and crappie around here. An experienced buddy can show you the ropes. Just add a few elements to your regular fishing prep: a few more insulating layers, a larger rod, a five-gallon bucket to sit on, some fresh shrimp if you’re after Kokanee salmon, and a sled to carry all your trophies home.


If you’ve been wondering how to combine your love of archery with fishing, here’s your answer. Bowfishing is a popular variant of spearfishing, with a reel mounted to a specialized bow. Spot a fish, shoot an arrow with a line attached to it, and reel in your reward. You’ll need to be fast and precise to succeed at bowfishing, so it can be more of a workout than you’re used to. Some locals insist that there’s infinitely more adventure when you use a light to bowfish at night.

Kite Fishing

This is perfect if you don’t have a boat or have a hard time getting around. You’ll hang a drop line and some bait from a kite and send it out above the waters, with the bait floating near the surface. This alone can take practice, but the kite-flying refresher is part of the appeal. It takes patience to get started, but if you fish at all, you have that already in spades. Once you get a bite, the kite drops immediately—a signal to you that you’re in business.

Drone Fishing

We’re including drone fishing because it’s an offshoot of kite fishing, and because it sounds cool. If you like gadgets, you’ll be a natural. Fishing drones are equipped with cameras and attachments for your line. You can scout for fish from a distance, even analyzing topography, and the drone can drop the line for you. The more expensive the drone, the more capabilities it has. You might even find that you enjoy drone photography more than the fishing.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve mastered the basics and want a new challenge, trying different kinds of fishing opens up a new world. They’re a great reminder that fishing is about taking time out, reconnecting with the outdoors any way that makes you feel alive, and—maybe—catching a few fish.