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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Friday, February 26, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

   Andy Rooney writes, "A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks".

The weather last week was often chilly but sunny almost spring-like.  Yay.

    Sunday afternoon as Pastor Claire Cassell and Nancy Walker were leading the ECU church service there was a family party in the private dining room for Ruth Rose.  This admirable lady was 100 years old the 21st!  In January Ruth didn't want a big party but how nice that she could enjoy her nieces and nephews.   After living 100 years, it is something to celebrate.  Our community wishes her many more happy days.

  The third Wednesday of each month is the noon dinner at the Haswell and Eads Senior Centers.  They welcome people age 55 and over to come join them for a meal and the fellowship.  In Eads we were delighted to have Glaida Craven come from Kit Carson with Marsha and Pam Mousel who came to visit Orville and Rita Mousel out at Kiowa Estates.   Madonna Pollreis, Secretary presided over the meeting in the absence of the President and Vice President.  She asked Commissioner Cindy McLoud to give us an up-date the $170,171.00 dollars that our county received at the "Saving Places" Conference that she attended.  This money is earmarked for restoring the exterior of the Murdock building which is now in progress.  Cindy told us more about grants she has written and how and when the money will be used.  The seniors decided to have Brunches on the first Thursday of the Month at 10:00 a.m. for the rest of the year rather than Sandwich Suppers in the evening. This is another opportunity for folk over age 55 to enjoy the fellowship and food together.   In Haswell after the meal they may have a speaker or visit and play games.  Also Lisa Ramsay has come for many years to cut and style hair for men or women.

  The six wrestlers from Eads High left for the Colorado State Wrestling Tournament after a big out door Rally with the whole school cheering them on.  They had a police escort down Maine Street.   The young men all did well and were happy that senior Reagan Lane brought back the 2nd place medal from the 160 pound Championship round.  Fans in Southeastern Colorado thank the local sponsors who paid for advertisements on KVAY as Amy Jacobs called the three days of matches.  The other five wrestlers were Chance Fowler, Seth Splitter, Trenton Mitchek, Trevor Randel, and Rhett Uhland.

     Corynn Brackett of Eads went to Beloit, Kansas, to the baptism of her grandson, baby Liam James Deverman.  His parents are Shayna Winkel and James Deverman.

    Last Tuesday evening, I saw women from at least seven communities come to the Fathom Event at the Plains Theatre.  It was a type of documentary on the history of "Women of Faith" Conferences.  It was absolutely wonderful!  The accounts of a number of well known Christian women speakers was so inspiring and moving.  I told CLCEC President Betsy Barnett, if there had not been a ball game and we had known how amazing this show was we could have had many more women and girls come.  Actually it would be good for men to see and to hear these testimonies.

      Sunday fourteen volunteers rose earlier than usual to go to the Fair Grounds to set up and cook for the participants in the Snow Goose Festival.  Several of the Chamber of Commerce members were out of town traveling so we were glad people volunteered to help us cook.  Members Dennis Pearson, Preston and Kelly Courcamp, John and Debi Courkamp were glad for the volunteers who came to help. They were Terry and Areta Laird, Raelynn Riley, Scotty Englehardt, Commissioner Cindy McLoud, and Mike Arth.  Shawn Gillette, Sand Creek Park Ranger was the speaker to the Birders who came mostly from the Front Range cities to the three days Snow Goose Festival in Lamar.

    The last of several Valentine dinners was held last Tuesday at the ECU, where Leisha Peck played piano dinner music for the shrimp and pepper chicken meal prepared by Ginger McPherson and the Dietary Staff.  Activity Director Teri Castle and Assistant Tayrnn Lane spent many hours decorating the dining hall and halls with Valentine motifs and pretty placemats for fresh rose bouquets and dishes of candies for an enjoyable dining experience for the residents with their family.  It was nice that Dee and Gloria Foxworthy drove down from Parker, CO to dine with his mother, Pansy Foxworthy who will be 100 years old in June.  They appreciate the nice Cobble Stone Inn to stay over in Eads.

   The last home basketball game was Friday with Cheyenne Wells.  The girls came from behind to will the game.  The boys team was glad to have Caden Parker and Trey McDowell able to be back with the team after injuries kept them on the bench most of the season.  Principal Betsy Barnett and Cheerleader Sponsor, Jodi Stolzenberger acknowledged the parents as their student athlete presented flowers to their parents.  This week there were two days of District play-offs in Lamar scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday.

     In Haswell on Monday mornings a group of ladies meet at the Community Building, (the former elementary school) for a "Healthy Living" walk around.  The ladies walk a number of times around the gym and keep track on their pedometers how many steps and miles they walk for twelve weeks.  Mary Shafer told me that Wanda Lessenden, organizes this great project.

      Wanda Lessenden also put up signs to invite everyone to the Haswell Card Party at the Senior Center the Sunday, February 28th.   They are returning again to their former custom to have the card party on last Sunday night of the month at 5:00 p.m.  The participants bring finger foods for munchies and have a lot of friendly family fun.

       The Eads FFA chapter is hosting their annual Dinner and Student Labor Auction in the High School Gym at 6:00 p.m. Friday, February 26th.  Families are asked to bring side dishes or desserts.  Business, ranchers, farmers, housewives, and others can buy a student to work for 8 hours before the last of May unless other arrangements are made.

This fundraiser really does help Mr. Nelson and the FFA students with their many trips and community projects.

       There was a huge farm sale at the Merlin and Gladys Larson former home south of Kit Carson Saturday.  The members of Trinity Lutheran Church appreciate the people who bought lunches and pies at their booth.

       Whenever we go to the Kiowa County Community Building to a meeting, we marvel to see how shiny the floors are and how clean and neat Mike Crain and Tom Phillips keep the building.  They are good workers!