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About Town – April 27, 2020

Doris Lessenden

“If sinners entice you, do not consent!” -Proverbs 1:10 

A wise man wrote, “you are asking for trouble if you choose the wrong friends.” Another wise man wrote, “if you want to soar like an eagle, you shouldn’t run around with turkeys.” (smiling) That reminds me of what a pleasure it is to watch the turkey vultures who are migrating through Eads the last two weeks. I like to watch them swoop and soar. For years they have roosted at night in the tops of the southeast trees in the courthouse park. In past years I have counted 12 vultures, but this year there are only 10. When I looked at the bird book that Rod Johnson gave to me, it says “these birds normally live in the southern states.” One year I took a photo of one perched high on a utility pole by Mona Walker’s back yard. After Sylvia Weeks printed it for me, I admit I did ask God why He created a bird with such an ugly head. I usually do not ever question God. I did learn from someone why their necks look bare with wrinkly skin: they prefer to get their best foods from reaching inside carcasses.

We extend our sympathy to the families of Opal Miner, who died April 21. She was formerly of Kit Carson and lately of Eads. Her children, Suzan Torchia, Scott Miner, and Dave Miner came to Kit Carson Monday for a private burial. There will be a memorial service at the Kit Carson Lutheran Church on a later date.

July 11 will be the new date of “free trash disposal.” There will probably be lots of people take trash out to the landfill. Many ladies tell me that since they are home, they have been doing some major cleaning and tossing things into the trash bins. Dustin Nelson, landfill caretaker, will probably have his hands full on that day.

Larry and Carla Gifford gave me permission to print their address. We grieve with them in their sorrow for the loss of their son, Zachary. He was loved and respected by many people especially those for whom he did so many helpful acts of kindness. Cards and memorials may be sent to Larry and Carla Gifford, 3202 E. LaSalle Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 for them to share with his brothers, Joshua and Noah, and families. 

Mrs. Shannon Ellenberger, Eads Business Education Educator and FBLA, announced some recent student awards. She invites people to watch a Facebook presentation May 4 of these and other awards. Lauren Brown has received the “American Award,” which is the highest a student can achieve. This is the first time an Eads student has won this esteemed award. She praised officers Mollie Kelley, Amber Kopasz, Colby Stoker, and Rhealie Rittgers, for winning the Peak V Award for the chapter. The Community Service award for working over 50 hours was claimed by Kaycee Ellenberger and Mollie Kelley. Other BAA awards recipients were: A. J. Vasquez, Brenden Reifenschneider, Caleb Lane, and Jeff Peterson. Business Level awards were won by Chris Scranton, Mollie Kelley, and Keaton Coen. 

A week or two ago when I rolled out to get my mail, I looked up Hickman Street and, for several, days I could see the lovely white blooming ornamental pear trees at Jimmy and Amanda Brown’s funeral home. The lilacs by my house were budded with lavender blooms and lots of green leaves. But after that freeze last week, the trees that bloomed appear to be beige and the lilacs are black and wilted. However, the good news is that I have one red tulip, some grape hyacinths, and profuse lavender anemones from Ruth Miller’s home, now owned by Plains Theatre manager, Terry Riley.

It is true that people are baking and cooking more than usual. At my home, we received delectable baked goods from Joyce Berry, Areta Laird, and Wanda Lessenden. 

Karl Eikenberg wrote a letter of intent to the Town of Eads and was later installed as a new member of the Town Council. He will be an asset to the council.

Our families have been looking forward to the birth of Bryan and Rachel (Buck) Mattuski’s babies. Willa Rae and Wyatt Eli were born in Colorado Springs April 20.

Dawn James told me that she and Brian Bohlander are at the high school in the mornings because they teach classes online. She said it’s rather quiet without the students. Eads and Kit Carson schools are planning year end events.

People in Kiowa County will be happy when they can go back to their regular beauticians and barbers.

So many good things have happened during this coronavirus time when we have had to stay home. One of the blessings has been that Crow’s Stop and Shop grocery store and Kiowa HealthMart have been making home deliveries. We are grateful that we can call in our food takeout orders from local cafes to take home to eat or to eat at the park.

Several people told me they see a number of men who usually congregate in the Hometown Grill sitting at the park visiting. Remember when one of the favorite places for men to visit was in Leonard Fischer’s service station or Sibcy’s Café? Those were the days.

“Remember to be kind and grateful.”