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About Town – August 1, 2022

Doris Lessenden

“Lord, Help us!” Joel 1:19 NIT

The day of the Maine Street Bash finally came, and what a good time many people had! A new look that was so beautiful was the many quilts hung on the east store front awnings. At 10:00 a.m., friends of Leisha (Peck) and Mike Walsh enjoyed watching Leisha open pretty baby gifts for their baby girl who is to be born soon. This was in the south room of the senior citizen center, while in the main room, Leisha’s grandmother, Gloria Peck’s gorgeous quilts were on display, along with other quilts in the first annual Gloria Peck Memorial Quilt show. People also enjoyed viewing quilts in the museum also. Director Gail Voss and Lonnie Hier worked to display many more quilts than had been expected to be entered.

After 11:00 a.m., people started pouring into the street to shop and view the displays by the vendors. Charlie and Mary Vasquez offered their popular Mexican meals. There was a Cajun food truck, and Marni (Jacobs) Adamson and her daughter, Kelli, served her popular ribbon fries and other goodies. Jose Hernandez and his family offered hamburgers, hot dogs, and chili also. The ever-popular Maine Scoop Ice Cream Shoppe has added delicious thick milk shakes and malts to their menu also.

Claire Prince and Nicole Keplar organized a terrific KidZone for children and youth to have fun. Edie Nordquisist Lambardo was there with her ever-famous face painting skills to delight families. We enjoyed watching Kim (Crow) Richard’s layout of the Corn Hole tournament. Beatle and Sharon Koch assisted Kim during the day and night.

Trent Rittgers, who works by day for the Town of Eads, shared his expertise as a D.J. to provide great music for the annual street festival hosted by board members of the Crow Luther Cultural Events Center.

Robin Fox and Kathy McCracken managed the Town of Eads’s drawing tent was near the booth of the Kiowa County rodeo royalty.

A group of Eads Eagle students offered an array of Eads Eagle clothing and merchandise items to earn money for events at high school. ­Elementary student entrepreneur Miles Fry had a tent with lots gifts for kids (that I will use for Santa stockings).

Brother and sister duo, Karl Eikenberg and Krystal Eikennberg, were glad to have their brother, Casey, and wife help with the car and cycle show.

Fans of Jamie Crockett and his daughter, Echo, enjoyed their 2022 concert. Jared Weeks, formerly of Kit Carson, now living in California, sang the second hour on stage. His Kit Carson church family appreciates him for each week playing and recording the Lutheran hymns and then sending the recording to Pastor Barton in Lamar and Betsy Evans in Kit Carson.

After 8:00 p.m., Rhett Uhland, former Eads graduate and University of Texas graduate, and his band began to wow the crowd. I didn’t recognize Rhett’s new appearance. Jared and Rhett’s great grandparents were Johnnie and Clara Uhland, who were our very dear country neighbors.

The evening Vacation Bible School at the Baptist Church was well attended and climaxed with a cookout and program to share their songs and stories last Friday evening.

Students and parents attended school registration last Tuesday evening. School begins August 11. There was a meeting of youth who will be involved in sports. I urge parents to get their youth involved sports, music, gymnastics, 4-H, or such worthwhile group activities. Keep them busy and strongly alert to resist the temptations and evils of social media that try to tantalize and entice our precious youth.

The Eads Senior Citizens Center invites folk who are over 55 to come for an hour or more to experience the brunch Thursday, August 4, at 10:00 a.m. This gathering is a potluck, or a person can donate $3 or more for ingredients for our director, Gail Voss, to make the delicious foods she cooks as main dishes. The center is decorated with lots of sunflower arrangements and wreaths, plus the tall stately sunflower arrangement acquired from Carla Gifford.

Our Sheriff, Forrest Frazee, was injured in the mountains above Grand Junction. We pray that his recuperation and healing will be quick because we need him to be back in Kiowa County. In the meantime, the Sheriff’s Office staff state that that all is well. They will have happenings covered.

I have been concerned about my Kit Carson friends since their grocery store closed this summer. Thanks to Keith Curvy, who made a mini store in some rooms at the motel at the junction of Highway 287 and Highway 59 in Kit Carson to help his fellow citizens.

Dawna (Howard) Weirich says plans are proceeding for the Eads all-school reunion September 9-10. People are welcome to come to the next meeting August 7 at 3:00 in the Eads High School library.

Congratulations to Breanna Wilson on her most recent writing in the newspaper, “Escape.” It is one of her very best. She is a stellar student, athlete, cheerleader, and club officer, and is employed at Crow’s Stop and Shop in Eads. What a bundle of energy she is! Breanna is the daughter of Jeff and Barbara Scranton.

Be kind to one another.