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About Town – December 19, 2022

Doris Lessenden

Silent Night.

For years, the second Sunday of December was very anticipated by many people in this county and surrounding towns to attend the annual Christmas Cantata. For me, it was since the 1950s when I sang in the Cantatas directed by Tommy and Philomene Leisen. After the COVID pandemic, our community needed a revival. It came in the talent of Jimmy Brown and the hospitality Praise Community Church in Eads. We didn’t know what to expect when Jimmy said, “come, no practices needed,” but it was just great. About 30 or more people volunteered to sing, although the whole congregation could sing because the words were projected on the back wall and above the altar. Jim and Breanna Echols of Kit Carson and some of their friends from Cheyenne Wells played their guitars and electric piano. Organizer Jimmy Brown was at the grand piano with and organ at his left side. The concert was indeed wonderful! We sang many traditional hymns like “Amazing Grace,” and “How Great Thou Art,” as well as lovely Christmas carols. Afterward, people could enjoy a refreshment bar in the fellowship hall. Thank you for the hospitality of the Praise Church family and the leadership of Lane and Deborah Gooden. I really do appreciate people like them who do not just “retire” from their first occupation, but find ways to be of service to other people and have a meaningful life. We thank them for recapturing the joy of Christmas for many of us, plus the all those who came from other towns.

It was such a surprise to have two Salvation Army volunteers come to my door last Saturday with their arms loaded with more things than I had requested on my list! Then, Monday, I saw them - Ralynn Riley and Koy Glover - setting up elegant tables and decorations for the Salvation Army store volunteer party that was to be held in the Senior Citizens’ Center. They said, “Rick Glover is cooking for us!” It surely must have been such a tasty meal with Rick as the chef.

Last Monday afternoon, Lonnie Hier sat around the coffee hour table at the senior citizen center with us. She had brought more of her pretty flower arrangements to help Gail Voss decorate. It was a shock to hear that she died suddenly that evening. It makes us realize even more how precious life is, and how fragile life is. Please do remember to tell people that you appreciate them daily; that you love them.

Someone left a 15-dozen egg box of greeting cards, plus a smaller box of cards, in my entry room. It is a mystery to me even though I have asked many of my friends. So, I am sharing them with the activity directors at Weisbrod and Prairie Pines, the Haswell and Eads senior citizen centers, and keeping the blank and “thinking of you” cards. Thank you to the kind person who blessed others and me.

Since Tuesday’s snow and wind, we are still covered with some snow five days later. It is most welcome.

The death of Vivian Marteal Johnson is sad for many of us. As a teenager, I had admired those beautiful Bickle girls from Haswell. So, when Marteal moved to Prairie Pines, it was such a joy to get to know her, visit with her, pray with her. The time was too short for me, and, I am sure, also for her beloved family that I observed.

One of the best happenings for many women in this community is the “table prayer groups” which began in October because of our own local girl, Lori Beth (Weirich) Elder of Tribune, Kansas, who became a missionary for us. When over 80 ladies attended that first dinner meeting in Eads, they didn’t know what to expect. The lady next to me said, “If I had known there would have been so many people here, I would not have come.” However, I heard she did go to the small group. And one of the most remarkable happenings is that the women have really come to know, get acquainted and to love one another. The good news is that the leaders are meeting to reorganize for those ladies who want to continue meeting in small groups, and to welcome others next year. Remember, I wrote earlier this year, that meeting in small “talk groups” is mentally healthy. Small groups can also be like those who meet for coffee or a meal at the Gas and Grill, JJ’s Restaurant, Cobblestone Inn, or a coffee break room. Please think about where your “group place” could be. 

Many high school basketball fans traveled to Lamar for three days last week to attend the holiday tournament. My great great niece, Colby, drove all the way from Kentucky! 

Thank you to the sponsors who paid for the white horse-drawn carriage from Las Animas for people to have rides in during the “Merry on Maine” event.

Spencer Uhland of Eads is a County Line Rivals wrestler who performed with the five Eads basketball players in the talent show who were so outstanding.

We welcome Beth (Stavely) Bell and her family, who have moved to Eads where she is the new CEO of Weisbrod Hospital and Extended Care Unit.