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About Town – January 13, 2020

Doris Lessenden

The Lord says, “You are precious and honored in my sight … Do not be afraid, for I am with you.” Isaiah 43:4

The Eads Clinic: I am fortunate to not have to go to the doctor very often; I go mostly just to “jump through the hoops” for insurance rules. But when I do go, I am so impressed to see, besides Kiowa County people, a lot of out of town folk. It is good to see that many people from Lamar, Wiley, McClave, Kit Carson, Seibert, and elsewhere who have confidence in our providers. Provider refers to a doctor, PA, and FnP or a nurse. The whole staff is kind and caring at the clinic and in the Weisbrod Hospital. 

Janette (Peterson) Kochis just retired from being a traveling dietician-consultant this month. She is a former Eads and Colorado State University alumna who has traveled from her home near at Matheson for many years to counsel the Dietary Department at Weisbrod and other places in the state. Ginger (Larrew) McPherson, head of the Weisbrod Dietary Department, hosted a special “thank you” party for Janette in December. 

There is a lot of excitement in the county among people who have used the Prairie Pines swimming pool in the past for fun, therapy, or parties. The staff hosted a grand reopening reception last Sunday. People can call the Pines office and pay a small fee to swim there. 

Betty Morris was introduced to me as a lady from Lamar at the Weisbrod Extended Care Unit last month. This week at Bible study, we were happy to learn that we had known each other before after she told me that she had lived at Towner and was a postmaster in her career. Her husband was Milan, and her son is Kelly, the race car driver, who owns a well-respected auto repair shop in Lamar. 

Tom Price, twin brother of Delores Rector of Eads, died last week. Tom used to drive down from Stratton to visit our senior citizens dinners. He has been living in Prairie Pines the last year. We visitors have admired his wonderful singing ability and amazing memory of words for numerous songs.

Eboni Nash, formerly of Eads, has been writing thought-provoking essays while she was in college in Nebraska and now at Harvard University. Her essay last week, “Brother,” touched my heart. Her brother is an immigrant, all on his own in America. It reminded me of how grateful I am that our Pollreis grandparents came on a ship from Austria in the early 1900s, and our Lessenden great grand parents came on a ship from England to be citizens of the United States. That reminds me of an interesting 92-year-old tall man, Hans, who resides at Prairie Pines. He came all alone on a ship in 1952 from Switzerland and has been living in recent years in Lamar. Hans has no family at all. He said, “they all died.” Our pastor, Thomas Barton, conversed with Hans in German when we were there to sing carols. Now that really brightened Hans’ day!

Congratulations to Kenan and Ashley Gooden, who gave birth to their fourth son, Kaylex Kenan. Lane and Deborah are happy to have five grandsons and five granddaughters now, including Tiffanie and Jason’s children. Deborah asked her friends for prayers of thanksgiving for their children, and for her beloved Puerto Rico. The island suffered another terrible earthquake last week. 

Glenn and Tracy Smith took their daughter, Mariah, on a holiday to New York City in December. They said they had a truly wonderful time sight-seeing the plaza, parks, museums, stores, and other places of interest. 

Bruce Hallman, one of our former Eads High School teachers, began working for the National Park Service while he lived here. He and his family have been living in Missouri, where he was with the Park Service, and this month began a new job in an Idaho park. 

There are several educational-cultural opportunities beginning this month in Eads. Gail Voss will be facilitating a Bible study on “Treasures of the Transformed Life” Wednesday evening at the Methodist Church. Brenda Stoker will be leading a study on “The Overcomer” book, which was an outstanding movie also. Paula McMains will host an organizational book club meeting at 1:00 p.m. January 25 for sharing spiritual books the Unity Village community room. Each Wednesday evening, the lights are on in the Praise Community Church for a Bible study. At the Praise Community Church, Kids4Christ for grades K to 5 began Mondays at 4:00 p.m. for the next four months.

January 9, Bud and Dixie Bennett flew six flags with police motifs in honor of National Law Enforcement Day.

Kit Carson came to Eads last Friday to play basketball. Thank you to the local businesses who sponsored the KVAY broadcast: Eads Consumers Supply Company, Cobblestone Inn, GN Bank, Hometown Gas and Grill, the Eads schools, and others. All three games were exciting.

Eads wrestlers on the County Line Rivals team had a big tournament in Lamar, with wrestlers from AA and Single A schools wrestling for the medals.

Last week, Robin Musgrave and I shopped in the beautiful new Home and Seasons store in Lamar. We met the owner, Haily Rhodes, who had decorated several exquisite Christmas trees and arranged beautiful displays of remarkable gifts, clothes, wall hangings, and confections.