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About Town – July 11, 2022

Doris Lessenden

“A heart at peace gives life to the body but envy rots the bones.” Proverbs 14 : 33

This verse was on the red rose funeral program “Loving Memory of Charlotte Ann Cook.” “Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness, bad days give you experience, worst days give you lessons, and best days give you memories.” Isn’t that true?

Around Eads, we have been experiencing good memories and here are some: the Independence Day parade was delightful, but when I saw the wonderful photos in the local newspapers, I realized that it was even better than I thought! The children, in their exuberance, went too quickly for my eyes to take it all in. The local newspapers reflected many photos, plus five of my great nieces. All those little mobile toys and patriotic mothers and dads made the parade more outstanding. I learned that six years ago the first 4th of July parade was organized by Jami Lane and Tristen Sheridan. This year, they returned to leadership with a great committee, including Claire Prince, Jessica Sierra, Brandi Thompson, Christina Wolf, Violet Syned, Kelly Darnell, Shayla Lane, Kaycee Strickland, and Brandi Barnes. These women made marvelous memories for kids. Tristen said that some very generous donors made it possible for them to buy several water slides and other games for kids. Tina Adamson and Liz Hulteen operated the county’s huge bouncy blow-up train. Wonderful cheese hamburgers were grilled for all. We sat at a distance and really enjoyed the DJ music by Trent Rittgers. Even at 2:00 p.m. during the seniors’ coffee hour, we saw Bob Alfano joyfully pulling those little white barrel cars holding happy little kids.

The next jubilant fun day in Eads will be July 30 from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center board is planning super events that are free. Just come down to Maine Street to enjoy the vendors, foods, games, watching the children in the Kidz Zone, live music, and DJ music, and a movie at 8:00 p.m. There will also be dancing in the street and a beer garden.

Eads senior citizens enjoyed brunch last Thursday at their center. Director Gail Voss announced that Betsy Barnett had called to reserve the center for a quilt show July 30. They will also have older quilts displayed in the museum. Call Betsy if you want to enter a quilt to show or to volunteer. Her number is 719-940-0799.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce met last Wednesday to discuss hosting the county fair breakfast on Thursday and Friday. Brandon Hoffman would welcome volunteer cooks and servers. President Dennis Pearson says we would welcome donations to assist in buying more bacon and eggs and products. The fair breakfast is the favorite time for many people. Since the all-school reunion will be held at the same time, we expect many more people. Dan Richards and Cindy McLoud left early because they had a “Zoom” meeting dealing with grants and funding for the restoration of the historic American Legion building at the fairgrounds.

The summer reading program has been very successful. It is organized by county librarians Kemma Alfano and Valorie Briggs. They had 91 children registered last week.

Our community extends our sympathy to the family of Valerie Lyon, who died last week in her Unity Village home. It is a reminder to all of us to take time to check on our neighbors. Everyone is our neighbor.

Many families are involved in summer ball games. A number of youth are on club teams, and their families drive long distances for these games, many of which are in Kansas. Two Kit Carson boys, Brandon States and Mason Marriott, travel with the following boys from Eads and are really honing their baseball skills: Shane Winder, Gabe Hadley-Valdez, A. J. Hough, Jayson Bletzacker, Karson Buller, Weston Mitchek, Johnny Vasquez, Case Nelson, and Spencer Uhland. Their coaches are Chance Fowler and assistant, A. J. Vasquez.

We were blessed with rain in varying amounts last week. Wheat harvest was delayed for a few days, but the moisture will help the row crops and pastures. We are thankful people.

Eads girls who travel with the Rival 14-Under team are Bailey Sierra, Lexi Shotton, Kara Wilson, Tailee Weeks-Johnson, and Savanna Brown. They appear to be strong competitors.

We encourage people to be preparing their exhibits for the Kiowa County Fair, which is September 8-10. There will be breakfasts Thursday and Friday. There will be a beef barbecue Friday, and a pork barbecue Saturday. This is the year of the all-school reunion. There will not be a big banquet Saturday as in year past, but people can visit in many places, such as at the breakfasts, exhibit halls, senior center, museum, one of the three parks, out at the fairgrounds, and at some homes. There will be a dance at the fairgrounds, and a dance on Maine Street on Saturday night.

Miss Jackie (Mrs. Rittgers) sent out the “Slew of News” last week. That was sort of a shock to some people. School already? Orientation and registration are at the end of this month. School begins August 8.

The movie, “Top Gun—Maverick” was shown for six nights in Eads, and brought out record crowds.

4-H members are preparing their projects to show in the senior center on August 1. 

Wishing you a joyful July!