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About Town – May 4, 2020

Doris Lessenden

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want” Psalm 23

My favorite painting associated with this scripture is of Jesus leading a flock of white sheep and carrying a black lamb. I do not have much experience with sheep except for the four baby lambs that Frank Barlow gave to us when the mama ewes died after they had been sheared but a sudden terrible coldness happened that caused the deaths of the adult sheep, I think in the 1940s. At that time, the Barlows’ lived where Jack and Honeybelle Dixon live now. Our favorite lamb was Frankie, who liked to lope with our dogs along the road as Johnnie Uhland sped by to his north farmland.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10. In honor of mothers, the Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary is organizing a “Happy Mother’s Day Drive-By Parade” for everyone to participate in their decorated vehicles. Our plan is to meet on the south and east side of the courthouse in Eads at 9:30 a.m. Friday May 8. A police escort will lead the parade as people honk their horns, wave flags or balloons. The staff at Weisbrod and Prairie Pines will have the residents outside the facilities to show our celebration for them. Linda Trosper and Alice Glover have been checking with local and state authorities as we facilitate this. Linda said the “state official” said we cannot greet from the sidewalk and people have to be in automobiles, not walking. Do plan to come to join the fun as we cruise around town.

May Day was more special about town this year because two young ladies, Mollie Kelley and Rhealie Rittgers of Eads High School, decided to do one of their community service projects that they had planned to do even though school wasn’t in session. The girls made many pretty colorful paper bouquets that they delivered to many town businesses to say thank you for their services during this virus pandemic. These young ladies are officers in the Future Business Leaders of America chapter at EHS.

It had seemed that the tradition of giving May Day flowers or goodies was a lost art, but I, as well as some others, were blessed by an unnamed country lady who came to visit carrying a cooler bag with delicious little chocolate covered ice cream cones. Later, my friend, Areta Laird, brought a fuchsia petunia in a yellow pitcher and Gail Voss shopped at NAPA for me so we can plant flowers and pumpkins in my yards.

On May Day, there was a roaring fire near and around John Martin Reservoir south of McClave, which was nearly contained by nightfall.

The children and teachers of Little Learners Day Care Center walked to Crow’s Stop and Shop grocery store. Teen employee, Will Crow, handed out pop cycles to the little ones under the flowering trees outside. 

We have heard about women in the community sewing masks for the Hospital, but young 4-H member, Mia Crow, has joined the ranks of seamstresses who sewed masks for some ladies in the medical offices. Shannon Dixon and Renay Crain posed for a photo for Mia’s records.

Congratulations goes to Dr. Delma Ramos, on the staff of the University of South Carolina at Greensboro. Delma recently received a Certificate for “Distinguished Research Award.” Delma is an alumna of Eads High. 

This county extends their sympathy to Susan Lusher and her son, Travis, whose husband and father, Larry Lusher, died last month. Mr. Lusher was so supportive of the Kiowa County 4-H program and Future Farmers of America chapter by volunteering his auctioneer service through many years.

My neighbor, A. J. Bolin, has been working a lot in his back yard and garage area the last couple weeks. On May Day, about eight or more pick-up trucks of guy-friends converged on three sides of his home to help him with laying and smoothing cement and other projects. That reminded me of how the cowboys help their neighbors and fellow ranchers with branding cattle and how fellow farmers lend a helping hand when needed. The scriptures tell us to help our neighbors, so this is such a good thing!

Linda Trosper and Mary Vasquez drove out to see the plants at Katie Kopasz’ family Blue Roof Plant farm. Linda brought us a list of kinds of plants we can look forward to buying.

Trey and Alyssa Eder had the misfortune to have a flood in their house last winter. They do appreciate how Maurice Sagner and his crew helped them repair and restore their home for them and their three little ones.

Glenda Stoker has been advertising photos of such pretty dishes, china, and tea pots for sale at the Haswell Antique and Vintage Treasures store in the Haswell Propane Station. She has a treasure load of stuff - good stuff. 

Counselor Dara Randel’s quote this week is, “Your mental health is a priority. Your happiness is essential, your self-care is a necessity”. 

This is a reminder for all of us to take care of others and ourselves by washing our hands, wearing our masks, and maybe even wearing rubber gloves where needed. 

“Safe at home.” It is such a gift to have this time at home to catch up on tasks that I never seemed to have time to do before because I was having such a good time going here and there.

Shalom, My Friends.