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About Town – October 18, 2021

Doris Lessenden

“Death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart.” Ecclesiastes 7:2

The Haswell community and family of Frankie Stoker are mourning the loss of Frankie this week. He and his wife, Rosemary, are remembered for their propane and gas station on the Highway 287 curve in Haswell and a cozy place to stop and chat over a soda pop or snack from the refrigerators. They were such loyal Eads Eagle fans for their four sons, Gary, Brent, Kent, and Paul and, lately, for Blake and Colby Stoker. His services are scheduled for Tuesday.

Because of a COVID-19 outbreak, all classes have been closed at the Eads schools according to Superintendent Mr. Glenn Smith, who is also the Elementary Principal. Mr. Brian Bolander, High School Principal, answers questions for the upper grades. Athletic Director, Mr. Trey Eder, reported that all sports events have been postponed. The plan is to close the school all week until October 25. However, lesson plans have been prepared for kids at home or studies on line. This can be difficult times for some parents, children, and teen students, but what a great time for family growth and interaction at home.

One thing I have noticed about some of my older friends lately is that when they get sick, but think if they stay home from the doctor, they can wear it out or get well, but several of my friends who have done that have ended up with pneumonia and a long hospital stay or, in one case last week, in death. That just grips my heart with sadness for them and their families. For people who live near the Eads Medical Clinic and Weisbrod Hospital, we do have doctors and Physician’s Assistant who are really nice. We have a great physical therapy department of two men who have been traveling from Denver to serve us five days per week for many years. Our small hospital has a swing bed plan that can transition a person into the nursing home as a resident, or for recovery from some surgery or illness. Weisbrod also has a dietary department which plans three daily meals and snacks. Their activity department plans games and activities to help entertain the residents to occupy their time with worthwhile projects. There are puzzles, Bible study hour Tuesday mornings, or church Sunday afternoon.

PROMO Government - Medical Weisbrod Memorial Hospital Eads Colorado - Chris Sorensen

Weisbrod Memorial Hospital in Eads, Colorado. © / Chris Sorensen

Sandy (Penn) Jones had an art show in Atwood, Kansas, where she lives near her daughter, Gina. She was happy to have her Eads friends, Cheryl Wyatt, and Terry and Areta Laird, come to her show.

October 17 was Terry Voss’ 60th birthday. This is her address where she will be for some time: Terry Voss, in care of Center at Centennial, 3490 Centennial Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80907. 

It was such a shock to read of the death of Raeann Kelley, an Eads graduate in the 1970s. She is the second daughter of LaVerle (Junior) Kelley, and a dearly loved sister of Linnae, Devin, Christi, Mark, and Paul and their spouses and children.

I am so thankful to John Negley and his son, Jayce, for introducing me to Rick Francis and his wonderful mechanic shop in Lamar. Rick is a Braunability certified dealer who is trained to care for conversion vans. He drove my van home last Thursday, so I am free again. Now that is joy! Then John drove him back to Lamar and took him out to lunch.

The Haswell Bazaar was a good place to be last Saturday for lunch of chili and very delicious bowls of potato soup, cheese, ice cream bars, and beverages. I came home with a lot of treasures, which I am now trying to find a storage place for. But it was a fun day to visit and look at the interesting items that people make in their homes. I met such an interesting lady, Joann Kensley, and her friend, David, from Las Animas. They had read about the Haswell Bazaar in a Kiowa County newspaper. When she saw my name on my church table (Kit Carson Lutheran), she asked me about my sister-in-law, Bonnie, because she had recently heard of her death. She was so surprised, but she was pleased to have one of Bonnie’s paintings, which was a treasure for her. It was good to see Kent and Pam Johnston, who said that his uncle, Cliff Johnston, lives in the Ordway nursing home. Cliff is doing fairly well, but as with other residents of nursing homes across America, the isolation that most residents experience is making life quite lonely for them.

Last week, I had the new experience to attend two meetings from Kit Carson via the telephone speaker phone. Sunday, with the ladies of the Lutheran Women Missionary League, and Tuesday, the ladies called me from the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary meeting. Those were enjoyable experiences to still be able to participate in these organizations. The LWML ladies are busy planning their annual Fall Rally for October 23, where their speaker will be Liz Hulteen, about her experiences in Israel and her mission work there. 

Shalom, my friends. Be kind, and do tell people you love them while you still have them in your life circle.