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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Saturday, May 5, 2018
by Doris Lessenden

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life."

The highlight of last week for the community was the Eads Elementary School Children's Spring Concert, "A Journey Through Disney Landscapes." Superintendent Glenn Smith announced the program, which proceeded with lively melodies from Walt Disney outstanding musical movies such as "Frozen," "The Little Mermaid," and "Aladdin." Mrs. Monica Uhland does a more outstanding job each year of introducing fine music and interpretation of musical compositions to our young students. Most years the students are positioned in one big group on risers, but this year the singing and acting was more like a Broadway show. Oh, it was delightful to see the children singing with such zest. Their hand motions and facial expressions were just marvelous! A big thanks and commendations go to the supporting elementary teachers and staff.

Thursday morning was a sunny bright day after several cloudy colder days. Eads senior citizens were blessed to have such a nice day to go out to the Weisbrod Extended Care Unit coffee hour for treats and visiting, and then they went over to the Senior Center for brunch. Director Gail Voss made biscuits and sausage gravy while other ladies brought egg casseroles, fruit dishes, sticky caramel pecan cinnamon rolls, and muffins to the brunch. Gail and I will be representing the seniors at the Philanthropy Days in Lamar for three days, so we discussed what might be suggestions of what we want and plan to decorate and equip our new center across the street. We have an exciting challenge before us. President Alice Glover reminded people to sign up if they want to travel on a county van or bus to the Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Association annual meeting in June.

Afterwards Mike McLoud accompanied me over to see the new senior citizen building space where Commissioners Donald Oswald and Cindy McLoud were on an inspection with the Architect, BeLinda Zink, and the contractor. I am so excited for our future. I mean, the future space for senior citizens, teenagers and children to meet or have learning sessions or just celebrate life happenings.

Realynn Riley, my neighbor on the corner, visited me with her cute little white bunny that she is training to be a "comfort bunnie." What a great idea!

Roger and Bonnie Eder are here from Wyoming to clear out his parent's, LaVerne and Ilene Eder, home. So, do stop by this week any time, if you have a chance to buy a box of "stuff" or fine belongings of some people who were such dear friends to my parents. 

Betty Holthus had a big group of her friends come to her birthday party Friday afternoon at the Extended Care Unit. She was especially pleased to have her daughter, Shelly Cotes, come from Denver for the weekend. Teri Castle-Simmons, Activity Director, made a lovely mauve and muted green birthday banner for Betty's 84th birthday.

Rhett Uhland's CD, "Always Coming Home" is on sale in town. I like to listen to it and often remember how good it has been to watch and see his journey as he "blooms" and sings. Rhett is blessed to have his cousin, Tori Uhland, as his manager. He is a Texas A & M student and part-time farmer.

The Eads Chamber of Commerce met last week to finalize the plans for the Kid's Fishing Day which will be Sunday, May 20. Families are invited to come at noon for a hot dog lunch. Then the Fish and Game staff will talk to the children. They will give them fishing poles; teach them about fishing equipment, and the fish they may catch. There will be prizes too. It is such a gratifying day to watch the families and friends experience this day of quiet and fishing.

Congratulations to Maurice (Moe) and Dally (Lessenden) Sagner who brought their little baby daughter home from Denver last Thursday. Sloan Ophelia Sagner is one of my great great nieces, and joins her big sister, Saige Olivia.

Sunday evening was the Eads senior Baccalaureate service hosted at the County Ministerial Fellowship for the eight seniors. Pastor Imel's sermon title was "Give the World a Good Example to Follow." Joe Haase served as the Usher and Mollie Kelley and Colby Stoker served as Flower Girls and Acolytes. The seniors and guests enjoyed the reception that followed the worship service at which their classmate, Madison Kelley, sang "My Wish."

The Eads track teams and baseball team have been having outstanding meets and games this spring. They wind down this week.

Do remember that May 13 is MOTHER'S DAY. It is very important to give your mothers and grandmothers and women important in your life, a call or card, or even a gift, too. I fondly remember the letter I received years ago at Mother's Day time from young Park Wood, who thanked me for my part in his life as Sunday school teacher-youth leader.

Brooke Crawford, Fort Hays University senior, Jared Weeks, Kit Carson Senior, and Ellie Rigsby, Kit Carson Kindergartner, were honored at Trinity Lutheran Church last week.

Steve Jobs, billionaire wrote before his death: "At this moment, I am on my sick bed, and recalling my life. I realize that all of the recognition and wealth in which I took so much pride, have become meaningless in the face of my impending death."