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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Saturday, October 6, 2018
by Doris Lessenden

"A wise person is hungry for knowledge, while the fool feeds on trash." Proverbs 15: 14 NLT

Thursday evening was the first ever political candidate forum that I ever remember happening in Kiowa County at least since the l960's. This forum occurred in the Eads Plains Theatre where Terry Riley projected a large American Flag on the movie screen and played patriotic music while people were gathering. There was a good turnout of local folks who came to hear the candidates. Senator Greg Brophy came from Yuma to tell those in the audience about each state Amendment and Proposition to help them decide how to vote. I remember for many years people depended on Don Rose to tell us what those amendments meant. Mrs. Betsy Barnett was chosen to be the moderator for the speeches and sophomore Amber Kopasz held up cards to alert the candidates of the time limit. Republican Diana Pearcey Flory and Independent Kayla Murdock of Sheridan Lake each made presentations to the audience of their background experience and why they aspired to be the new County Treasurer. Both ladies spoke highly of Steve Baxter, the current country Treasurer, and his helpful interviews with both ladies. After a ten-minute break, Cindy McLoud and Howard "Butch" Robertson went to the stage to tell about their backgrounds and what they could bring to the county as a Commissioner. Mrs. Barnett read questions submitted by the Democrat and Republican parties with some student input that brought enlightening answers. Thanks to the concessioners Kim Richards, Charlene Gifford, and Sue Fox, people enjoyed ice cream, buttered popcorn, and beverages. Thank you for the cooperating efforts of the leadership of the Democrat and Republican parties that this event took place in our county.

As I have driven to surrounding towns, I am pleased to see patches of green winter wheat, rectangles of red-rust milo, and shades of brown in the prairies. Some prairies have yellow rabbit bush blooming. So, harvest is near or in progress. Rick and Kim Harris have a pumpkin patch that they are sharing with children Sunday afternoons near Sheridan Lake. What a joy to share in such a generous way! 

Our community extends their sympathy to the families of Jane Borns, formerly of Kit Carson. Her services and lunch were at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Monday. Jane's children are Shirley (Mike) Morlan, Gary (Trish) Borns, and Bev Middleton.

Gail Voss served the men's favorite entree, biscuits and sausage gravy, at the monthly brunch last Thursday. Others brought fruits, apple cake muffins, and egg omelets in wrapper cups. We were delighted to have Betty Frazee, who has been living in Greeley, come to brunch. The monthly senior citizen lunch and meeting is October 17. Seniors are welcome to this pot luck meal.

Our family was blessed October 2 with a baby girl, Charlie Grace, whose parents are Shane and Brittany Lessenden, of Burlington. The photos of her two older brothers, Ryker and Beckham, when they first saw her are so precious.

Doug Rouse's sister, Conda, was here from Kansas October 2 to take him out to the Eads Pioneer Cemetery to the burial of the remains of their aunt and uncle, Wihelimina (Mitchell) and George Wagner of Canyon City. Wihelimina was a 1942 classmate of Margaret Patton Frazee. These ladies are among the student artists who painted the mural art pieces in the Eads Elementary School. Margaret and Mrs. Wagner were artists of the Mount Holy Cross Mountain range with columbine flowers above the south side staircase. I remember her as Sadie Mitchell's daughter who lived in the home that Taylor and Jordan (Sniff) Weirich recently bought. Roberta "Birdie" Mays Hines of Canon City was here also. For some time, Birdie has been a caretaker for her cousin, Mrs. Wagner.

This week is been homecoming week with fun activities and dress days. The upper class students dressed in fashions of Mexico, Hawaii, and around the world Monday through Wednesday while the Freshman dressed as a Mexican food, sea creatures, and mimes. Thursday, the whole school will be dressed in purple and gold spirit colors climaxing with a community homecoming pep rally on the football field on Thursday. Friday, Hanover School from east of Colorado Springs will be here for the volleyball and football games after the Knowledge Bowl students returned from Plainview. At half-time, the Royalty Court will be presented for the crowning of the King and Queen. Kristina Uhland's Eaglette dance troupe of young girls will be performing at the Rally and the Half Time of the game.

The Town Council of Haswell sponsored their Annual Fall Bazaar Saturday, October 6th, to help fund expenses to keep the Community Building open. The committee thanks the people who had booths and the shoppers who came.

Greg Hayes was honored with a party for his 61st birthday by the Prairie Pines residents attending Friday afternoon. He was glad to have his sister, Sharla, of Lamar and her daughter with five young children attending the party. The staff and Areta Laird served the beautifully decorated Colorado Rockies baseball team carrot cake. Cindy Newman had interviewed Greg and had written a biography of his life which staff person, Vicki Lyon, read to the guests.

Haley Johnson and T. J. Conaway were chosen to be the Queen and King of the Kit Carson's homecoming. Congratulations to two stellar students and athletes.

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