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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Monday, November 12, 2018
by Doris Lessenden

Let's Be Thankful

"Let's Be Thankful. Let's be happy. Let's enjoy what we got

Let's remember that God loves us not a little but a lot.

Let's look up to the sunshine. Let's have faith that the clouds will part.  And appreciate God's blessings with an ever-grateful heart."

--Jean Kyler McManus

Those lines are from a lovely Thanksgiving card from my Towner friend, Lori Healey. No doubt, you readers may have a friend or many friends you treasure like Lori. We are blessed. Another treasure of our town is Dora Pearcey who just celebrated her 87th birthday last weekend. Ken and Diana Flory drove up to Winsor to celebrate with her family.

Joyce Davis celebrated her 91st birthday this month. She is recuperating from a fall. Cindy (Kelley) Newman wrote such a lovely biography about Joyce for her birthday party in which she documented accounts in Joyce's life. She said that Joyce has an amazing memory for details and dares. Mrs. Davis and her husband had two sons, Tom and Jerry, and a daughter, Christi. 

Another lady who had a birthday last week is Shirley (Weisdorfer) Nelson who had a party at the Weisbrod Extended Care Unit November 9. Her sons, Sam and Mark, are so good to take turns taking her to the city nearly every week for doctor appointments.

Pastor Nancy Peacock met Gail Voss and me for breakfast in Pueblo lasts Friday. Pastor Nancy is delighted to be the pastor of a church in Florence where she has a choir and does the "Time out for Parents" like she did in Eads.

Saturday evening, the annual Veteran's Dinner was organized by Roland Sorensen of the American Legion was hosted at the Kiowa County Community Building, where Jennifer Schofield and her staff of J J's restaurant served a three-course meal. The servers were Debra Hall and Teri (Nelson) Ellis. Treasurer Roland Sorensen presided over the evening and meeting since President Danny Richards was ill. Mr. Sorensen asked for people to volunteer to help put flags on cemetery stones on Memorial Days. He also said they need volunteers to pull out "millions" of staples from the inside walls so the Legion Hall can be painted inside. Thanks to Gary Augenbaugh and Roland who spent a lot of hours to paint the outside of the Legion Hall. Amy Weirich painted the lettering and Mike Crain was a great help to them. Guest speaker was Jay Scott, Otero County Veteran's Service Officer. Pat (Benner) Roper is our Veteran's Officer. Archie Cloud of north Kit Carson reported that he had the "best trip ever on the Honor Flight to Washington D.C. which he and Areta Laird encourage veterans to apply for. People enjoyed looking at the displays Areta has made through the years of men and women who have been in the military. 

Community Cantata singers have begun to practice, and do welcome more singers to join them Sundays at 2:00 p.m. to practice. Remember, the county Thanksgiving service will be at the Sheridan Lake Bible Church November 18 at 6:30 p.m. The community Thanksgiving dinner is at noon at the Fair Grounds building.

Logan Smith gave a moving presentation of his 58-day mission trip with the Force, plus blessing the First Christian Church folk with the sermon. His grandmothers from Holly and his fellow mission worker, Brooke Crawford, came from Kansas to hear him as well as her parents and grandparents, Mike and Sara and Gail and LaDonna, respectively.

Linda Trosper and Madonna Pollreis and other Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary members have been preparing for our fundraiser - the annual Holiday Bazaar - this Saturday, November 17. We have only two ways to make money, the table spaces and by buying tickets for the drawing. I hope readers want to buy tickets early so they can "shop more" or can't come that day but want to support our cause, just call me, Doris.

Professor Gary L Roberts flew to Denver last Thursday from Atlanta, Georgia, and then drove to Eads, arriving just minutes before his outstanding and informative presentation about the Massacre at Sand Creek. He was introduced by Park Ranger Sean Gillette, who knows him well since Mr. Roberts comes to Kiowa County every year for many years. This man has devoted his whole life to the study of this horrific incident. Those of us who attend all of the special speakers about the topic of our Sand Creek National Historic Site north of Chivington seem to never tire of hearing facts about the happening and people involved. I am sorry that I miswrote the name of the speaker October 30 who grew up in Nebraska of Cheyenne heritage. Mr. Williams is indeed a knowledgeable teacher and speaker.

PROMO 64J Logo - Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site Sign - Jeanne Sorensen

PROMO 64J Logo - Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site Sign - Jeanne Sorensen
Entrance sign at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. (c) KiowaCountyPress.net / Jeanne Sorensen

One of the best things about Saturdays is to take my friends to the Salvation Army Store. on 12th Street. Remember the late Charlotte Phillips? This dear lady was so good to honor the volunteers.

Richard Glover, 20-year Navy veteran, showed us a photo of a print he bought and then made a frame for. It was a painting of the USS Pueblo ship that the North Koreans took over in January 1968 and killed one man and held the other 82 men prisoners. Richard was invited to meet with the men who are living now at the Pueblo Marriott in September. It was interesting to hear him visit with Navy man, Bill Trosper, at the Veteran's Dinner.

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