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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Monday, February 13, 2017
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

Craig Kerfoot is an Eads man who has some ideas for persons who are interested in progressive measures to increase the economic growth of Eads and our country.  He has reserved the meeting room at the Eads Cobblestone Inn for Wednesday, February 22nd at 6:30 p.m. and invites citizens to come to hear ideas and collaborate for our future.  Let's go hear what this grandson of Milt and Polly Louthan has to share.  I know it can only be good because he is the son of Ann Louthan Kerfoot.

Last Monday a big Regional Knowledge Bowl was held at Eads High School because it is the largest more central school between the southern border of Oklahoma and Kansas on the south and east.  The meet brought schools from South of Interstate Highway 70 and west from Rocky Ford, Manzanola, and Ordway that included 26 schools.  Each school could bring one team where they answered 50 questions in a round rather than the usual 40.  Six I-A teams and two II-A schools earned the right to attend the State Tournament at CSU-Fort Collins in March.  The sophomore and junior students served a smothered burrito lunch.  Usually this meet is held at Lamar Community College but this year it was held in Eads.  Mrs. Sue Fox who has been the organizer for years of this meet said it was surely easier to host it in Eads than carrying all the equipment and supplies to Lamar.  Mrs. Dawn (Gulley) James is her close associate to make this meet run so smoothly.  These women have admirably carried on the responsibility of sponsoring Knowledge Bowls for Eads for many years.

Mar Badia of Barcelona Spain, "made my day" last Friday when she called me.  She is visiting her American family, Sharon Johnson and her daughter, Jennifer Boyd's family in Westminster. Last June, Sharon and her granddaughter, Elle, flew to Barcelona to celebrate Mar's birthday with her.   Mar was one of our exchange students who graduated in l995.

Chance Fowler, Rhett Uhland, and Trevor Randel of Eads high won seating in the Colorado State Wrestling Tournament in Denver this week-end.  We wrestling fans like to listen to KLRM and KVAY as their broadcasters call the matches for three days.

Two more wedding invitations are placed on my piano this week for the March weddings of local girls, Lori Beth Weirich to Kyle Elder and Barbara Edi Nordquist to Johnathan Lombardo.  They are beside the invitation from Shalyn Laird and Keith Smith who will be married in June.

I have heard that there are many people in this county who have been as I call it "unwell" but others just plain called it "sick" with colds and flu like symptoms.  I was one of them so this news will be intertwined with more historical memories since I couldn't let myself go about town as usual.

I read that Eads High will have a Golf Team next year to which boys and girls can participate.  What a good idea!  This is a life-time kind of sport that a man or woman can play well into their later years of life.  I remember that some former Eads grads, Justin McLoud, Charlie Philpy, and Ky Davis attended college on golf scholarships.  My friend, Louise (Sis Weber) Howard of the EHS Class of l943 golfed for years and had a room full of golf trophies.  It has been stated that the Eads Golf Club course is a favored place for golfers to come to play the greens.  I commend the late Moon Stinson, the late Duane Wissel, Gail Crawford, and Tom Richards who have dedicated years to the care of the golf course.    I particularly remember in 1969 when I had visitors here from Iowa that the tees were marked with wooden bowling pins.  Many students may remember when the present golf club house, was one of our classrooms.  We called "The Alamo" because of the exterior design.  It was placed about where the FFA building is now.   In those early years before the new school was opened in 1963, Richard Decker and I team taught out there.  The late Gene Parker was the kind kid who pushed me most of the time outside in my wicker-wood wheel chair to the classroom.

My sister was glad to see Eads friends, Linda and Rod Hopkins and Nikki Lenox, when they hailed to her in a store in Manhattan, Kansas.  They were in the city to watch their granddaughter, Brooklyn Lenox, compete at K-State in Track and Field.  She is a "thrower" for Fort Hayes State University.  Maybe this is where her former Eads teammate, Eboni Nash, saw Brooklyn at a University Track meet as mentioned in a sports article.

Local Physical Education Educator, Mr. Trey Eder, is responsible for these talented youth to be inspired to compete at college level.  He was an EHS graduate thrower for Colorado State University -Fort Collins.  That is where Daniel "Boone" Weirich is a senior thrower now.  Many readers have probably driven by the north ball park where they have seen John Weirich sitting in a chair watching and encouraging his son as he practiced for seven or eight years  to be star "thrower" for EHS and  CSU

Our sympathy is extended to Allen and Luanna Naugle of Wild Horse, CO since the death of his brother, H. Howard Naugle of Strafford, Texas.

The county Republicans had an informative organizational meeting last week.  Terry Laird and Dawn James will continue as officers and other committee people were selected.

This Thursday basketball fans can watch the Hugo-Genoa games here.  The parent Night presentation will be between the girls and boys varsity games.   On Friday, Eads will travel to McClave.

I suggest movie goers check the Plains Theatre marquis or the CLCEC website to know the movies being shown.  I am eager to see "La La Land" when it comes