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All Things Plainview… - April 14, 2024

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Ruth Fees

Track meets that had been scheduled were either cancelled or rescheduled. Last week’s high meet with Tribune was rescheduled for April 2 - we did not attend. The Holly meet, which was scheduled for April 6, was cancelled because of high winds.

The high school and junior high track teams, however, did attend the Tribune meets, which were held April 5. The junior high meet was in the morning, while the high school meet was in the afternoon.

Here the results of the high school meet at Tribune: Ky Harkness placed fifth in the 800m. He also placed sixth in the 200m.  Elijah Harkness placed sixth in the 400m; he placed sixth in the high jump. Destiny Cornelius placed fourth in the high jump; she also competed in the hurdles and 200m. Hailey Cornelius competed in the 400m, the shot put, and the long jump.

Here are the results of junior high track meet at Tribune: Gael Enriquez-Munoz placed fifth in the 400m; Alexa Enriquez-Munoz placed fifth in the mile; Annah Harkness placed fourth in the shot put; and Kate Enriquez placed first in the 100m and second in the 200m and 400m.

Thursday, April 4, the ninth and tenth grade classes had a pancake dinner and hosted a community volleyball game. Everyone enjoyed a scrumptious meal and enjoyed watching or playing in the volleyball games.

Also Thursday, the juniors delivered their prom invitations. Hopefully, all those invited will “race to prom” May 4.

April 8, many of the students and teachers looked at the solar eclipse, of course, with protective eyewear.

Mrs. Fickenscher’s biology class dissected fetal pigs.

Collage of photos of Plainview School students and staff engaged in educational and athletic activities.