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Published Saturday, August 26, 2017

Prairie Pines Board of Directors, Employees, and Residents would like to say Thank You to all of the Volunteers, Businesses, Individuals, and  participants who helped make our First Annual  5K Color Dash a huge success!

We would like to express a Special Thank You to Christina, Shelby, and Rhonda Uhland for organizing and running the event.  As well as the whole Uhland clan who stepped in to help. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped man the color stations.  Thank you to the staff and Volunteers at Prairie Pines who volunteered to come in and get things ready for the lunch and Resident Color Dash.  Thank you to David and Bryce Kraft for hauling tables back and forth for us.

Thank You to the Following Event Sponsors:

Kiowa County Central Recreation District

Kiowa County Eastern Recreation District

Saffer Spray Service

Spott Wash Ca Wash

Colorado Mills, LLC

Big R of Lamar

Legacy Bank of Wiley

Kiowa Healthmart

Crow's Stop and Shop

State Bank of Rocky Ford

Kiowa County National Bank

Southeast Health Group

Tim's Technical Assistance

Foam Insulation 4 U

Eads Consumer Supply

Kiowa County Independent

Kiowa County Press

Brady Hull

KLMR the Curve


Kiowa County Cultural Event Center

Maine Street Scoop

Keith and Barbara Uhland

Eads Golf and Country Club

US Foods

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