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Child Care Provider and Early Childhood Educator Training

By Sheila Anzlovar, Program Director

The Northeast Colorado Child Care Resource and Referral will be holding the 2016 Fall Workshops for child care providers and early childhood educators in Northeast Colorado on October 15th in Yuma.  This day of training is for family child care providers and center/preschool staff. 

 The morning session, by Kim Steele of Qualistar Early Learning is, “I am Moving, I am Learning,” which is a proactive approach to promote physical activity in early care and education settings and to address childhood obesity in Colorado. Participants will receive a curriculum binder as part of their participation.  They will also cultivate ideas that support the implementation of physical activity and nutrition into their program as well as learn strategies to integrate more physical movement into their daily routine

There are two afternoon sessions, each has two options.  In the first session, a workshop also by Kim Steele, is “Supporting Child Development. This workshop provides an overview of how children’s brains develop and what factors can influence healthy and age-appropriate development. Participants will explore how early experiences can influence children’s learning, behavior and development.  They will also learn how they can support healthy development of the young children in their program.  The second option in the first session is the workshop “Making Science Come Alive!” by Darlene Blackford.  She teaches us that exploring science can be more than what’s on the science table.  She presents simple, easy to set up experiments that encourage children how to ask questions, set up simple experiments, and observe what happens – all a part of the scientific method!

In the second afternoon session, the first option, also by Darlene Blackford, is “Themes an Schemes.”   This workshop teaches strategies that teachers and care-givers might use to incorporate special units and holiday traditions into the curriculum.  She will show us how to find ways to teach literacy, math, science, and social skills blended into the unit on fire prevention, transportation, and community helpers/occupations. Come and learn some fun, new ways to teach health concepts, establishing rules, and presenting activities for seasons and holiday events of the year.  The second workshop offered in this session is “Pyramid Plus” by Sherri Amen.  Pyramid Plus works to improve the social and emotional competence and inclusion of young children through the Pyramid Plus Approach which is embedded inclusion practices along the entire developmental continuum (Birth – 5 years) within the Pyramid Model framework. The goal of the Pyramid Plus Center is to increase evidence-based, early childhood social emotional and inclusive practices in early care and education settings, including family child care and in-home providers.  

 The cost to attend the day long workshops is $30.00.  But if 4 or more registrations are received in one envelope, the cost goes down to $25.00.  There will be a continental breakfast and catered lunch.  During lunch we will have a licensing Q&A and door prizes awarded.  Those attending the entire day will receive 7 hours of continuing education.  You can find out more about the workshop at, their Facebook page, or contact Sheila Anzlovar at the Northeast Colorado Child Care Resource and Referral at 970-848-3867.  Registrations are requested by October 10th but late registrations are accepted.  

Workshops are sponsored by the Colorado Department of Human Services, Early Childhood Council for Yuma, Washington and Kit Carson Counties, Qualistar Colorado, Lincoln County Department of Human Services, Yuma County Department of Human Services and the Rural Communities Resource Center.