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CPW implementing changes to the Harvest Information Program

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is changing how hunters register with the Harvest Information Program for the upcoming small game hunting season. Beginning March 2024, hunters will be able to complete their HIP survey when they purchase a license at, or a CPW office.   

This change will bring the HIP registration process into CPW’s Integrated Parks and Wildlife System, launched in 2017, that created a one-stop shop for all CPW products, including hunting and fishing licenses, campsite reservations, OHV and snowmobile permits, and more.

CPW apologizes for any inconvenience this change will cause for some hunters; however, the change should streamline HIP registrations for most. Hunters can now register for HIP when they buy their licenses in the same system. Also, hunters are no longer required to write down a HIP number on their license to prove registration, as it will be documented on their customer record. 

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If you buy a small game license at an external license agent, you must complete the HIP survey through your online account at before hunting small game. Later this year, an automated phone service will be available for hunters to register with HIP.

Colorado requires all small game hunters to sign up with HIP to help CPW better estimate harvest for species that are difficult to assess through a general small game survey. HIP is a joint U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and CPW program designed to improve small game and migratory bird harvest estimates. 

For hunters that are or plan to hunt light geese in March of 2024, you can still get your 2023 HIP at 1-866-265-6447; however, the website at will be disabled on March 1, 2024.

Remember, if you plan to hunt light geese on or after April 1, you will need a 2024 license and 2024 HIP registration before you hunt on or after April 1, 2024.

Please note: if you are buying a small game license only as a qualifying license for the big game application period and will not hunt small game in Colorado in 2024-2025, do not register with HIP.