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Eads Chamber of Commerce announces 2023 Volunteers of the Year

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Doris Lessenden 

The Eads Chamber of Commerce announce that the 2023 Volunteers of the Year are members of the Kiowa County Fire District. The announcement was made at the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation annual meeting. 

Chamber President Dennis Pearson presented the engraved plaque for the group to the Kiowa County Fire Protection District Chief, Russ Watson. 

The Kiowa County Fire Protection District has been reorganized in recent years. These men and women are often called upon to fight prairie fires, and also answer calls to building and home fires, as well as some other crisis situations. 

Many of them attended the KCDEF meeting, however, they are so important to our community, we want them all to be recognized and honored. This writer hopes that you will say thank you to them as we hope you do with our veterans. They will also be the Kiowa County Fair Parade Marshalls, along with Citizen of the Year, Alice Glover.

There are four fire stations in the district, each with a leadership group under the county board. 


  • Monte Stum—Station Chief
  • Kirbi Stum
  • Lane Stum 


  • Weston Meardon—Station Chief
  • Justin Lenox—Eads Assistant Station Chief
  • Tyler McCracken—Eads Station Lieutenant
  • Bryce Batterton—Secretary, AJ McCracken
  • Jayce Negley
  • Avery Snover
  • Darrell Hollis
  • Cody Fry—Treasurer
  • Brandon Dunlap
  • Jacob Kraft—Station Captain 
  • AJ Bolin
  • Jimmy Darnell. 

Sheridan Lake

  • Donnie Blodgett –Station Chief
  • Josh Blodgett—Assistant Station Chief
  • Josh Vanderpool
  • Matt Moser 
  • Mike Schnieder 
  • Bill Beck 
  • Quinton Weber. 


  • Shelby Britten
  • Ryan Britten
  • Tim Wolf—Haswell former Station Chief
  • Andrea Moran. 

Board of Directors

  • Delton Eikenberg—President of the Boards (former) (8 years) 
  • Jay Specht—Board member (former) (8 years) 
  • AJ McCracken –Board Member 
  • Eunice Weber—Treasurer- Board Member 
  • Brandon Dunlap—Board Member 
  • Monti Billheimer—Board Member
  • Debbie Shivers—Board Member 
  • Rain Lucero—Secretary to the Board
  • Russ Watson—Kiowa County District Chief