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Eads Chamber of Commerce announces Citizen of the Year

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Doris Lessenden

The Eads Chamber of Commerce awarded Alice Glover of Eads the plaque for being named “Citizen of the Year.” Chamber President Dennis Pearson presented the plaque at the annual dinner meeting of the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation after Joyce Berry and Doris Lessenden delivered their nomination for Mrs. Glover. She is mother of four children, and was pleased that her daughter, Peggy, of Burlington, and her, son, Rich, and wife, Koy, attended the dinner. Her daughter, Patty, lives in Texas, and son, Bill, is deceased. 

PICT 2023 Citizen of the Year

Eads Chamber of Commerce President Dennis Pearson (left) present the Citizen of the Year plaque to Alice Glover.

Through the years, Alice has been a major volunteer for many community happenings in Eads and Kiowa County. She is a generous and gracious lady who gets so much accomplished for other people and groups even though she will be 86 soon.

This petite lady has been a dynamo even while raising Richard, Billy, Peggy, and Patty. She worked for 20 or more years as a cook for the Eads School cafeteria. During all those years, she was a very busy 4-H leader, teaching crocheting and knitting to many girls and some boys. 

Alice is an excellent cook, baker, and home canner. She has won many awards and champion ribbons at the Kiowa County Fair. Through the years, she was a highly respected home economics judge at many county fairs in Colorado.

Alice has been a supportive worker-volunteer for many years as a Home Economics Superintendent of exhibits during the Kiowa County Fair. 

Alice has been the President and officer of the Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary for many years. She has also served as the President and Vice President of the Eads senior citizens organization for many years as well. She is esteemed for her interest in youth. She continues to go to many school programs and sports events.

Alice has a deep interest and concern for the good of the community and the county. She can be counted upon the speak up for citizens’ concerns and rights.   

Alice has lovingly touched the lives of many children and adults in our county. She has lovingly touched the lives of many children and adults, and is especially loved for making candied apples for over 50 years to hand out on Halloween night.