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East End Events - March 19, 2019

Sharon Scott

Hope everyone had an enjoyable spring break. The weather didn't exactly cooperate with some people's plans, I'm sure.

We are still feeding eight little goats every four hours. We have this built in alarm clock now that tells us "Time to feed the goats" (Remember the little man on TV that had to get up early each morning ("Time to make the donuts".) We now know just how he felt.

Kyle and I finally made it up to Fort Collins Saturday to pick up our grandson, Parker. He is on spring break from CSU and is spending the week in Towner. Surprisingly, the roads were in good shape by Saturday. We did see several cars that were still stranded from the blizzard.

Susan Greenfield spent most of her spring break in Sterling with her family.

Dennill Splitter and children traveled to Wisconsin to spend spring break with family and friends.

Jeanie Smith hosted a birthday party at the Towner Community Hall Sunday in honor of her son's first birthday. Happy Birthday Colton!

Jennifer Wilson and her parents and Zoie spent their spring break seeing the sights around the Grand Canyon.

Sunday afternoon, Miss Fees, Miss Wilson and the Knowledge Bowl students left for Fort Collins where they will be participating in the State Knowledge Bowl Monday and Tuesday. Good Luck!

My sis, Jerene, and I went to Dodge City today to celebrate my birthday back in February. The slots didn't seem to care that I should have loose slots in honor of my belated birthday. Didn't come home rich but had a great day. (That's why my article is short, we got home later than planned.)

Can you believe that Spring will officially be here Wednesday and there is only about nine weeks of school left? It is a busy time of year with baseball, track, prom, graduation and senior trip on the students agenda.

Hope everyone has a great week!!