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Kiowa County Commissioners meeting minutes – July 25, 2019

Kiowa County, Colorado, Courthouse in Eads. © Chris Sorensen

The Kiowa County Commissioner's regular meeting was called to order on July 25, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman Richard Scott. Oswald opened the meeting with a prayer and the Pledge of allegiance. Those in attendance:

  • Richard Scott, Chairman 
  • Donald Oswald, Commissioner 
  • Howard "Butch" Robertson, Commissioner
  • Delisa Weeks, County Clerk 
  • Tina Adamson, County Administrator

Cathy Garcia, Representative for Senator Cory Gardner's Office entered the meeting at 9:00 a.m. to review information that Senator Gardner is acting on such as the "states act" in regards to marijuana and water infrastructure projects. Discussion followed. 

Riley Frazee, Regional Emergency Manager entered the meeting with Kiowa County Emergency Manager, Theresa Witte; to discuss Debris Management at 09:30 a.m. Frazee had discussion over a program through FEMA in regards to a complete removal of debris in a catastrophic event. Riley said it would be beneficial to the county to have a 30 day complete debris removal plan which would be more cost effective for our county. There would be different requirements that would need to be met such as priority road clearance and temporary debris sites for the landfill. The Commissioners will set a time to review what requirements need to be met to have a Hazard Mitigation Plan. They will work with Witte to get this plan in place. Frazee, Witte and Cathy Garcia exited the meeting at 10:07 a.m. 

Oswald moved and Robertson seconded the motion to recess the regular meeting and move into the Kiowa County Assessors Abatement Hearing at 10:08 a.m. Motion carried. Those in attendance were Assessor, Marci Miller and Treasurer, Diana Flory. Assessor Miller presented the abatement application from Kaiser Enterprises LLC. They are requesting abatement for their 2018 taxes in the amount of $3,650.36. Oswald moved and Robertson seconded the motion to abate the 2018 taxes in the amount of $3,650.36 for Kaiser Enterprises, LLC. Motion carried. Miller thanked the BOCC and exited the meeting at 10: 19 a.m. 

Ronnie Farmer, Auditor for Kiowa County; entered the meeting at 10:20 a.m. to review the Kiowa County 2018 Audit. Farmer suggested that the BOCC purchase a depreciation program for the Administration Office. After review and discussion of the audit report, Oswald moved and Robertson seconded the motion to retain Ronnie Farmer as the 2019 Auditor for Kiowa County. Motion carried. 

Farmer exited the meeting at 11: 15 a.m. 


Minutes: Oswald moved and Robertson seconded the motion to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried. 

Vouchers: Robertson moved and Oswald seconded the motion to approve the vouchers as presented. Motion carried. 

Agenda: Scott moved and Robertson seconded the motion to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. 

Grant Updates/SECOG Mini Grants: SECOG Mini Grants were reviewed and discussion over invoicing took place. 

Belinda Zink, Architect for Zink and Associates provided updated plans for the single point entrance to the county courthouse. 

Maintenance Foreman Nick Johnson and Road Foreman Jack Howard entered the meeting at 11 :29 a.m. to attend a possible employee hire interview. Scott moved to recess the regular meeting and move into executive session at 11 :30 a.m. due to Statute 24-6- 402 (4) (f) Personnel Matters. Robertson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Oswald moved and Robertson seconded the motion to move out of the executive session and back into regular session at 12:08 p.m. Motion carried. 

Oswald moved and Robertson seconded the motion to recess for lunch at 12:09 p.m. Motion carried. The regular meeting reconvened at 1 :00 p.m. 

Dennis Pearson, Director of Social Services entered the meeting at 1 :00 p.m. to provide a monthly update for his department and also asked for consideration in giving the Child Welfare Caseworker a raise. Discussion followed. Pearson did want to clarify that the County sets the salary for the Child Welfare Caseworker but the State pays 100% of the Caseworker's salary. The Commissioners agreed they will visit about this issue.

Road & Bridge employee, JD Van Campen and Road Foreman, Rick Spady entered the meeting to discuss a weed program that would be run by the County. The Commissioners have reviewed Lincoln County's Weed Budget and would like to have a similar plan for Kiowa County. After lengthy discussion it was agreed that one person could run the whole program. This employee would work 9 months out of the year and would need to hold a weed applicator license. The BOCC will be reviewing more information as it becomes available to the cost factor of having a weed control program in Kiowa County.

Landfill/Recycling Update: Assistant, Shellie Engelhardt had contacted most local businesses and they are on board with holding their cardboard and then someone with the landfill will be by to pick up the cardboard and transport it to Sheridan Lake to have it baled. 

Oswald moved and Scott seconded the motion to purchase a school bus from RE-1 School District for $1 750.00. Motion carried. The approval to purchase a bus from the RE-1 School District from the July 11th meeting did not happen due to miscommunication. The amount was incorrect so therefore no purchase was made at that time. 

Scott moved and Oswald seconded the motion to hire Caleb White for the landfill position. Motion carried. 

Weed Control: Extension Agent, Tearle Lessenden; visited with the BOCC about purchasing bindweed mites and put them in areas such as the fairgrounds to see if this would help control the bindweed problem. He said a person can purchase bindweed mites at 10 packages for $100. 00. Lessenden will look further into this and get back in contact with the Commissioners. 

Disc Golf Course: Discussion followed over a Nine Hole Disc Golf Course being put in at the fairgrounds. The BOCC decided they will apply for a mini grant in the spring and use the Disc Golf Course as the source of application for the mini grant. 

Railroad Update: Adamson received an application to remove the cross arms at Sheridan Lake and Eads. There will be no flashing lights at either railroad crossing in Eads. Scott moved to request that the flashing lights remain in effect in Eads on Maine Street. He has great concern for the safety of the people using Maine Street for their direction of travel and no flashing lights. Oswald seconded the motion. Motion carried. 

Parks & Public Lands Ordinance: Oswald moved to adopt Ordinance 2019-1 and Robertson seconded the motion. Motion carried. 

Fair Board members Mike Johnson and Cindy Pitman entered the meeting at 3:32 p.m. to request the Kiowa County Riding Club be under the same insurance coverage as the Fair Board. Discussion followed. The BOCC questioned if there was a Fair Board member who was involved with the Kiowa County Riding Club. Dawn Back is the Chairperson for the Kiowa County Riding Club and a Fair Board member as well. Scott moved and Robertson seconded the motion to have the Kiowa County Riding Club to be included under the same insurance as the Fair Board. Motion carried. Johnson asked for an events committee and that they too are included under the insurance coverage. The BOCC said the events committee falls under the same if they are part of the Fair Board.

NEW BUSINESS: Reports and upcoming meetings were reviewed and signed. 

Time Off Request Forms: Oswald moved and Robertson seconded the motion to approve the one time off request. Motion carried. 

CHP Designation: Oswald moved and Robertson seconded the motion to add Dawna Peck as a representative to the County Health Pool. Motion carried. 

Lower Arkansas Valley Water: Administrator Adamson will write a letter in regards to the poor water quality in the Lower Arkansas River and also to show support for the completion of the conduit for the Southeast Water Conservancy District. 

Employee Fair Duties: Lisa Thomas, CMP Coordinator questioned the time-off policy for Fair. All County Employees have to work their designated tasks for fair or they will not be paid for time off during fair. 

Transit Position: Oswald moved and Scott seconded the motion to hire Tim Weeks as a Transit Driver. Motion carried. 

With no other business to discuss, Oswald moved and Robertson seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:48 p.m. Motion carried.