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About Town – March 11, 2019

Doris Lessenden

“All of man’s (women’s) ways seem right to him (her), but the Lord evaluates the motives.” Proverbs 21:2 

Jonah Schofield, Eads High School Junior, was selected after interviews to be the President of the District 8 Future Farmers of America. Congratulations also to his classmate, Kaycee Ellenberger, who was selected to be the Vice President of the group. This is the first time in memory of some that an Eads student has held these high offices. Both young people are stellar students and skilled care of their animals and responsibilities in the FFA program.

There was a big flock of turkeys near the Rob and Laura Kliesen place (formerly known as the Merlin and Gladys Larsen home) along the side of Highway 287 southeast of Kit Carson last Wednesday evening, which some of us passed to attend Ash Wednesday services. This begins the six weeks of Lent that Christians look forward to and meditate on the Passion of the Lord Jesus before His death, and then resurrection on what some people call Easter.

Marilyn (Richardson) Ray and Karilyn Richardson visited their sister-in-law, Patti Richardson, at the Prairie Pines last Friday. The sisters come down from Colorado Springs about once a month to take their sister, Melody, out for a hamburger lunch in Lamar because that is Melody’s favorite food. Then they stopped by to visit in Eads. 

Johanna McEwen Whitney of Amarillo, Texas, an alumna of Kit Carson High School, returned last week from a tour of Israel. Her photography of places she visited was superior. This may be because of her artistic ability. She mentioned that gas there was $8.50 a gallon. She is a graduate of Oklahoma State Panhandle University, and for several years worked as the college’s recruiter to visited high schools. Aren’t we fortunate?

Cardon Berry drove his wife, Joyce, and daughter, Cindy McLoud, to Pueblo last weekend on snowy highways to attend the noon baby shower for Cindy’s son, Remington, and wife, Camie, for their baby girl. These young parents will take their baby to their home in Canon City after she arrives. 

We have watched Kailyn (Lane) Darnell through the years as in employee of Weisbrod Hospital. She has worked in the Dietary Department, then as a C.N.A, and as an Activities Assistant. Currently she has earned her Registered Nurse degree and is awaiting State Boards. She is an efficient Medical Assistant in the clinic in Eads.

People in the county appreciate when people take a stand for what is right. One can read the letter that our county commissioners wrote to the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, and President of the Senate, Leroy Garcia, stating for the government not to give our votes to California and New York in regard to the electoral college system.

Many people around southeast Colorado had their radios tuned into KLMR or KVAY to listen to the Colorado State Basketball Tournament held at Colorado State University-Pueblo. The main teams of interest there were Kit Carson boys and girl’s teams, Wiley, Springfield, Baca County, McClave, and Holly who played in Loveland. Former Eads student and player, Brigdon Parker, plays with the Holly Wildcat team.

This is spring break for Eads students and staff, so be aware that more children may be out and about in play or leisure. However, some practices do go on, such as the baseball players doing drills on the snowy field. The first baseball game will be in Springfield March 18, and March 21, Crowley County (Ordway) will be in Eads to play ball. Many people will be going to Lamar to watch the big track meet May 23.

Last fall, we admired the stone fence that Pastor Gooden and some helpers set up around the Praise Community Church parking lot. These stones are from his mother’s ranch near Pritchett. At Christmas time, each stone section was decorated with circular pine wreaths. They were lovely! When Mrs. Gooden was asked about it, she said, “Oh, Mr. Gooden did it! He likes to decorate!” Imagine the delight to see red sparkly hearts on each stone post at Valentine time. They were so pretty too. His wife, Debbie, replied to questions, “Mr. Gooden went to town and got the hearts.” Now, that is heart-warming to see!

A number of people enjoyed the monthly brunch at the Eads Senior Center last Thursday. People like the warm biscuits and sausage gravy that Gail Voss prepares, as well as baked egg omelets with different toppings. Other people bring warm breakfast casseroles, fruit dishes and quick breads. We had missed Loretta Seibel at the last meeting, but she was having a good time in Iceland, which she said was a wonderful country to visit this time of year.

A date to circle on your calendar is Friday, April 5, for the “Spring Fling Talent Show” at the Plains Theatre. We can only sell 180 tickets and it is going to be great!

As Robin Musgrave and I returned home from Ordway, we heard the end of the Kit Carson Girl’s game when the won their 77th basketball game in the last three years. Saturday evening, they captured the Colorado State Class A Championship for the third year in a row! I can just imagine what joy the Kit Carson Wildcat fans are experiencing tonight. The KLMR announcer said that the Calliche coach and Kit Carson Coach Sara Crawford had been classmates when the attended Calliche as students. Sara’s assistant coach is her husband, Mike Crawford, who was a star player when he was a student at Eads High School. 

Robin and I went to the Ordway River of Life Church at Ordway Saturday to attend the baby girl shower for Brian and Mckenna James’ baby, who live northwest of Ordway. It was indeed an elegant party with a number of games and marvelous foods to eat as we sat around round tables with gray tablecloths that touched the floor. Brian’s mother, Dawn (Gulley) James, was pleased to have her educator friends, Carol (Doak) Spady, and Brenda (Addington) Stoker come to the baby shower, too.