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Letter to the Editor


Letter to the Editor and the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office,

I would like to thank Lonnie Eder and Scott Pearcey for stopping traffic on Highway 287 the afternoon of May 26 for the funeral procession of their father-in-law, and my brother, Larry Watts, a longtime and prominent resident, as well as a former law enforcement officer of Kiowa County.

I would like a public apology from the Kiowa County Sheriff’s office to Larry’s family, especially his wife, Linda, also an employee of Kiowa County, with her office located right next-door to the sheriff’s office. 

I bring this to light in hopes a dangerous situation like this never happens again. It is my understanding that the funeral director made three attempts to reach the sheriff’s office - the third attempt went to Dispatch as county employees are not required to work on Fridays. 

Nevertheless, a former law enforcement officer, as well as all Kiowa County residents, deserve more respect on their final journey. 

You should be ashamed of yourselves. 

Kiowa County residents deserve better. 


Donna Parker 

Saint Joseph, Missouri