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Published Tuesday, April 21, 2020

My name is Eunice M. Weber, I'm writing this article to give you an idea of my qualifications and reasons for running for a Director on the Kiowa County Fire Protection District Board. 

I have lived in this Community for 51 years, became an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in 1999.  In 2003, I began serving as the Kiowa County Ambulance Director.  

As the Ambulance Director, I have written several grants addressing the need of acquiring updated Ambulances and equipment for us to take care of our Community.  

Along with other EMS Directors and Fire Chiefs, I have served on several Boards within the Region. Serving on these boards, I have gained knowledge from other agencies similar and different from ours, as well as exchanging information what has been helpful in our community.  

I have taught several classes in the Community and for different Agencies including:  CPR/First Aid; Emergency Medical Responder; Emergency Medical Technician; and just recently, because of Covid-19, can fit test personnel  from Fire, Sheriff, EMS and all First Responders for wearing the N-95 mask to keep them safe on the front lines.

I have been working closely with the Fire Chief and Fire Department training them and providing Personal Protective Equipment to help keep them safe on each call.  When EMS and Fire are responding to the same call we work together as a team.  

I care about the safety of the Firemen and will assist them in acquiring equipment and vehicles as needed so they can serve their Community safely.  

I am not by far a fireman, but I do understand the challenges and dangers they face on each call.  I'm willing to learn more and as a Board member have an open mind to assist the Fire Department any way I can.

Thank-you for your Support.

Eunice M. Weber

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