Letter to the Editor - Choices

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Published Monday, April 12, 2021


In August 2020, a group of youth from our community decided to have a party in the country, with invitations to surrounding towns. The party grew to a large number. It happened to be on private property where no permission was given by the landowner. I have debated about having this letter printed. I am making a decision to write this letter to the editor to help prevent a future disaster. I have had such a burden since then, because I don't want to live with regret. As a mother, I have one message for the youth. As you await scholarship offers, prepare to put on that cap and gown, and walk across the stage to accept your diploma, remember every life decision you make can affect your life positively or negatively. The choice is yours.

Every day you make 100's if not 1000's of choices. Those choices you make can either affect you positively or negatively. It can affect you now and well into your future. Most of us survive life with our "Choices." Some don't. For example, some who drive a vehicle impaired can lose their life or take someone else's life in a split second.

It is fun to attend a party especially if there are a lot of friends there. But before you make that decision, think about that choice you make. Do you know where the party is to be held and was permission given by the land owner? Oh, yes, and you hear that beer will be brought to the party. Do you know how alcohol can impair your driving because you will need to drive home at the end of the party? Maybe you will get sick? Someone else may say they will drive you home, but they have been drinking also. And you may not want to call someone else to come to get you. Maybe one of the people at the party gets killed? Can you live with your CHOICE? It isn't easy to do. 

The CHOICES you make can determine if you are going to be admitted to college since this a question on most admission forms. Was it really worth going to that party? Is it worth having charges for trespassing on Private Property on your record? A farmer's property is different than just someone's home property. A landowner can bring charges against a person, but in this case the landowner made a CHOICE at this time not to do so. There could have been property damage. Someone could have been hurt. Thank goodness no one was. A land owner has up to five years to bring charges after the initial incident. So this is serious.

To the parents, grandparents, or guardians of the students who went to the party that night. You know who you are because many of you were called by the police to come get your teenager. This is my plea: please talk to your teen, if you haven't already about the consequences of their choices. 

Youth, please think seriously about what you are going to do and know you will have to accept the consequence if something bad happens because of the CHOICE you made. 

I believe that most parents want their children to thrive and do well and make choices that will positively affect their life instead of negatively affecting it.

Areta Blooding-Laird, Eads

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