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Local Company Acquiring Lamar and La Junta Radio Stations

Cherry Creek Media, which owns 920 KLMR-AM and 93.5 KLMR-FM in Lamar, along with 1400KBLJ-AM and 92.1 KTHN-FM in La Junta, will be transferring the stations to 25-7 Media, Inc. according to an announcement made Monday.

25-7 Media is based in Lamar, with Aaron Leiker serving as President and General Manager of the company. Leiker was raised in nearby Holly and started his radio career while in high school in Lamar. He later graduated from Kansas State University with an emphasis in broadcast management.

Cherry Creek Media owns 50 stations, including three other stations in Colorado.

Leiker stated, “I have listened to these stations my entire life,” and added, “I am excited to bring local ownership back to these heritage stations in our area.”

He has previously managed radio stations in Kansas and Colorado.