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Pages from the Past - From the 137-year history of the Kiowa County Press - July 7, 2024

Kiowa County Press historic front page.

15 Years Ago - July 3, 2009

  • The Eads Tree Board and Colorado State Forest Service are trying to locate the largest trees of each of the many species of trees growing in Eads
  • About Town- Melissa Peterson & Doris Lessenden: Wheat harvest has begun in Kiowa County with much anticipation, planning, working, and cooking meals.
  • East End Events- Sharon Scott: Shalberg Pumping Bowling Team, Lori and Carol Shalberg, Barb Wilson and Zelpha Deines placed second in Division 4 Women’s State Bowling Tournament

25 Years Ago - July 2, 1999

  • Local volunteers and members of the Eads Public Works department have installed sod at the roadside park, on o the final steps in completing the muti-year construction project
  • Colorado Wildlife Commissioner Rick Enstrom was just practicing for an upcoming tournament and caught a record breaking saugeye from John Martin Reservoir. The Saugeye was 7 pounds, 8 ounces, beating the old record by 2 ounces.

40 Years Ago - July 6, 1984

  • Kit Carson News- Ruby Lafferty: Ida Thompson returned home after spending five days in Collinsville, Oklahoma. She reports fishing was very good.
  • Senior Citizens News- Rhua Sloan: The air conditioner has been worked on and is keeping us cool.

50 Years Ago - July 5, 1974

  • With the amount of wheat coming in to Bartlett & Co. Grain elevator, truckloads of wheat were backed up along Maine Street.

75 Years Ago - 1949

  • A plane dusting for grasshoppers on the Herzog alfalfa farm flew into baled hay, which resulted in both being demolished, and with the plane upside down on the hay bale

100 Years Ago - 1924

  • The town board of Eads is considering drafting an ordinance making fighting on the streets a misdemeanor, thereby diverting the fines of such an ordinance into town funds. If enough fights can be stirred up among our good citizens, it will help reduce our taxes considerably.