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Published Friday, December 22, 2017

15 Years Ago

December 20, 2002

  • The Eads Board of Trustees approved an ordinance to increase sewer rates. Rates will increase an average of $5 per month for residences, with the proceeds used to pay for the lagoon reconstruction and maintenance.
  • Wild Horse Roundup- Curtis Schrimp: Watching the fires on TV driving people out of their homes make me think back to Feb 1919. I know it sounds odd I can remember something when I was 4 years old. We lived in a two-story house and my mother was in bed upstairs with a new baby. In those days ladies stayed in bed ten days. I was sitting on her bed with a picture book when we heard sirens. Two firemen came up & said our house was on fire. A fireman grabbed me and tossed me to another one half-way down the stairs who tossed me to another one. They took my mother down mattress and all head first & her screaming. I guess this is enough to tell, would be too much to tell all. I did fill up some paper though.

25 Years Ago

December 24, 1992

  • About Town- Ida Lessenden: I heard the Eads Band Concert was very outstanding which featured 6 through 8 grades and high school combo jazz as well as the winners of the November Talent Show, Ian & Rachel Davis and Shelby Weeks.

40 Years Ago

December 23, 1977

  • Jolly old St. Nick made his annual visit to Eads
  • Serious questions with possible "legal implications" involving the proposed Arkansas Valley Pipeline led to the approval of a motion that the entities involved approach the Southeast Colorado Water Conservancy District to seek answers. However, the effectiveness of the motion remains to be seen since a quorum of the entities involved were not present.

50 Years Ago

December 22, 1967

  • John Ebright was the lucky winner of the 12-gauge shotgun raffled by the Eads Eagles Booster and given away at the Eads-Plainview basketball game.
  • Chivington News: Little Johnny Owens is sporting a black eye. Looks rather good on you. Just glad it isn't your correspondent

75 Years Ago

November 20, 1942

  • Rush Creek has long been noted for pockets of quicksand, but the first time in recent years we heard of extensive damage caused by it. Leo Haner was bringing home a bunch horses for Butch Woods when he crossed the creek near the home ranch they mired down in the quicksand.  At one time there were 14 trapped. The final result all except 4 were saved.


  • Arlington may be the first town in Kiowa County to receive an air field, according to an announcement made by J. Edgar Chenoweth

100 Years Ago

November 23, 1917

  • In spite of the high wind, the Eads High School basketball team marched off a big end of the score (8-3) in a practice game against Arlington.

December 7

  • The Weisbrod building has been moved from the lots where the new bank building is to be located and excavation for the basement of the structure soon to begun. may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase products or services through links in an article. Prices, when displayed, are accurate at the time of publication but may change over time. Commissions do not influence editorial independence.

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