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Pages from the Past - From our 134-year Archives for October 10, 2021

Kiowa County Press historic front page.

15 Year Ago

October 13, 2006

  • Wild Horse Roundup- Curtis Schrimp: The old saying no news is good news. This ought to be a good one as I don’t have any.
  • The Kiowa County Public Library received grant for computerize database of cemeteries. The grant project was inspired by Benny Fischer, Ruthanna Jacobs and others working on preserve the history of Kiowa County.

25 Years Ago

October 11, 1996

  • Mrs. Clarence (Hazel) Woelk of Sheridan Lake has been selected as District VII Master Farm Homemaker of the year.
  • About Town- Ida Lessenden: When we left Eads there was no snow, but Arlington was having a real blizzard. As we came home, we simply drove into cloudy skies, no snow.

40Years Ago

October 9, 1981

  • The Colorado State Patrol will begin its 21st year of operation of the Buckskin Network. The Buckskin Network was established to aid hunter in receiving emergency messages while hunting.

50Years Ago

October 8, 1971

  • From Holly Chieftain: Fred Betz Sr. and Fred Betz Jr. plan to switch to offset printing will boost the position of the weekly in its effect of the county. It consolidated the publishing for newspapers in four counties. Doing so is one way of assuring the continuation of small-town newspapers.