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Pages from the Past - From our 135-year Archives for January 23, 2022


15 Years Ago

January 19, 2007

  • USDA Update- Rod Johnson: The main reason why Kiowa County hasn’t been included in the recent Presidential disaster declaration seems to be the amount of snow fall reported by the official weather stations in the county.
  • About Town- Melissa Peterson & Doris Lessenden: We still have what looks like mammoth snow drifts to most of us, around Eads and in the country.

25 Years Ago

January 17, 1997

  • An east-bound Union Pacific/Southern train partially derailed east of Haswell. One of at least 10 coal cars involved came to rest just inches from Highway 96.
  • Recently re-elected Kiowa County Commissioners, Dutch Eikenberg (District 3) and J.D. Wilson (Dist.1) were sworn into office.
  • The Galatea Bulls basketball team composed of Eads 5th & 6th grade boys and girls finished second in the 1997 six team Bandit Shootout in La Junta.

40 Years Ago

January 15, 1982

  • Lynn Taylor of Sheridan Lake was re-elected as the member to represent Kiowa County on the Colorado Wheat Administrative Committee.
  • From the Sheriff Desk- Floyd Griswould: Things started to pick up in Kiowa County. Trooper Huback, on a routine speeding check, made an arrest for a stolen vehicle.

50 Years Ago

January 21, 1972

  • Scheduled increases in federal grazing fees in the western states will adversely affect the income of ranchers and the stability of the communities.
  • One step toward creating the offset printing center at the Kiowa County Press took place when the IBM typesetting input machine was installed.