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Pages from the Past - From our 135-year Archives for November 13, 2022

Kiowa County Press historic front page.

15 Years Ago

November 9, 2007

  • The Eads High School Knowledge Bowl Team will compete in the quarter final on Matchwits
  • Wild Horse Roundup- Curtis Schrimp: I just set five clocks and my watch - good night.

25 Years Ago

November 7, 1997

  • Wild Horse Roundup- Curtis Schrimp: Alice Keller got home from Branson just in time to get snowed in and I do mean snowed in. Her house has three outside doors and she couldn’t get out any of them.
  • Sunflower Telephone Company is filing with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to add a new set of features. This feature is sometimes referred to as “Caller ID” or “Calling Number Delivery”

40 Years Ago

November 5, 1982

  • Record Turnout of 1,176 voters exceeded the last two elections of 1978 and 1980. In Tuesday’s election 88.5 percent of the 1,329 registered voters cast their ballots.

50 Years Ago

November 10, 1972

  • Kiowa County election results were highlighted by the vote in the race for County Commissioner. District 3 candidates Clyde Frazee and J.D. Riggins each received 622 votes. County Clerk Wayne Singer indicated there will be a re-count of the vote.