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Pages from the Past - From our 136-year Archives for June 11, 2023

Kiowa County Press historic front page.

15 Years Ago

June 6, 2008

  • Kiowa County EMS, fire department and Colorado State Patrol responded to an accident on Highway 287 in which 4 people died as the result of speed. A Dodge Avenger attempting to pass a semi hit a Dodge Caravan head on. The speedometer of the Avenger was stuck at 83 mph. It’s thought that was the actual speed at point of impact - after braking.

25 Years Ago

June 5, 1998

  • USDA Update- Rod Johnson: Our new telephone systems in installed and we “think” it is working.

40 Years Ago                    

June 10, 1983

  • The First National Bank in Eads has added another service for the convenience of their customers. The bank officially inaugurated the use of the “Night or After Hours Depository.”

50 Years Ago

June 8, 1973

  • Wheat and sorghum producers in Kiowa County are still optimistic about the 1973 crop based on soil moisture.
  • Farmers of Colorado should be able to weather the impending fuel shortage say Don Ahrenholtz, manager of Colorado Farm Bureau.

100 Years Ago

June, 1923

  • Several teams and men in Eads have been at work bringing the low parts of the street up to grade and leveling so surplus water will not stand in the streets.
  • Prairie Queen: C.L. Allen had the misfortune of a brooder house burning down. Between 300 and 400 chicks were burned, along with other contents.