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Pueblo Weather Radar Needs Repairs

The National Weather Service in Pueblo has announced that its radar site, known as KPUX WSR-88D, will be down through the end of September for the repair of a major mechanical component. The Doppler radar site serves southeast Colorado.

An engineering team from the Radar Operations Center (ROC) in Norman, Oklahoma, determined that the bull gear, the primary gear for turning the radar antenna, has failed. 

This repair will require 12,000 to 15,000 pounds of equipment and a six-person team from the ROC to restore the radar.

During the downtime, anyone interested can use adjacent NWS supporting radars 

The radar system is 22 years old and part of a network of 159 operational radars. The radars are supported by three federal agencies: NOAA National Weather Service, United States Air Force, and the Federal Aviation Administration. The Radar Operations Center provides lifecycle management and support for all radar sites.

For a radar mosaic loop for the region: