Small ways to start giving back to your community

Small ways to start giving back to your community
Published Sunday, September 5, 2021
by Feature Staff

A local community is only as strong as its citizens the effort they put into it. Maybe you've just moved to a new community that you'd like to be a part of, or maybe you want to give back to a community that has long supported you and yours. While large gestures are always worthwhile, it's often the little things that can really make a big difference. Here are a few small ways to start giving back to your community that don't take too much extra effort or money.

Donate old clothing

Clothing is such an important part of who we are and our ability to be comfortable. For those who can't afford it, donated clothing is a godsend. By donating your old clothing, you allow someone else to feel that comfort and safety. If you want to be a really effective donor, make sure that the clothes are still in good condition, and consider donating important articles of brand-new clothing, such as underwear and socks.

Check in with neighbors

The past year or so has been tough on all of us; there's no way to deny it. Everyone that you know is probably struggling with something that they don't show on the surface. If you have the emotional bandwidth to help, reach out to your neighbors to check in on how they're doing. You might be surprised at how much your genuine concern for their well-being can mean to them, especially while they're suffering. Check in and let people know that you're available to help.

Offer your skills to children

Another wonderful way to start giving back to your community is to help support the youngest generation. Many children could use the assistance of an adult in many different aspects of their lives. Many adults find a lot of fulfillment in offering their skills as a tutor to children. Whether you want to help with academic pursuits, such as math or reading, or extracurricular activities, such as sports or music, you can do a lot of good by helping children improve themselves.

Get involved with fundraisers

Every community has regular fundraisers and charity events that work to support the community's members. Rather than simply donating money on your own, try to get a little more involved with the event's setup and creation. Show your support for your community by helping to manage events like these, and you'll find a lot of community members start to gravitate toward you. may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase products or services through links in an article. Prices, when displayed, are accurate at the time of publication but may change over time. Commissions do not influence editorial independence.

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