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Top 25 Most Popular Stories from 2017 in the Kiowa County Press

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Chris Sorensen

We’ve published about 2,500 stories online this year, so this list represents the top one percent of our readers favorites throughout the year. These stories generated many thousands of views as part of over 1.1 million pages read at during 2017.

The clear favorite was titled “Snake in the Snow?”, depicting a rattlesnake Mike Johnson found on the McBryde Ranch. The short article and photo were shared on several web sites, with some of those readers claiming the picture was Photoshopped (edited) – though it wasn’t. An internet search will quickly show that snakes do venture out during the winter.

The rest of the list changed frequently over the last week of the year, and updates were made nearly every morning. If you read the weekly print edition distributed Wednesday, you are likely to notice several changes in the list below.

Earthquakes were a popular topic, with four stories in the top 25, including one posted just this week which rocketed up the list to number 4 in 24 hours. Despite the popularity of the story, no one actually reported feeling the quake according to the United States Geological Survey.

Early in the month, the movie review for How to be a Latin Lover squeaked into the top 25. The review might have been more popular than the movie, and both fell out of the top lists for the year.

For more than 130 years, we’re proud to have been your source for news, information and entertainment, and look forward to many more years to come. Check daily for more new and interesting stories throughout 2018!

  1. Snake in the Snow? – A photo you have to see to believe (and some still won’t believe it). January 20
  2. Gardner Asks OMB Director to Fund School Program – Generated a lot of controversy on our social media accounts. February 19
  3. Over 320 Earthquakes in Idaho Since September 2 – And the quakes are still continuing – over 750 by early December. September 13
  4. 3.0 Earthquake Southwest of Trinidad Wednesday – A minor earthquake earlier this week attracted major attention. December 27
  5. Flooding in Eads – A short video that shows what an eastern plains thunderstorm can do. July 15
  6. Man Killed in Highway 287 Crash Identified. Crash north of Eads that killed Christopher Northcutt closed the highway for hours. April 14
  7. Cyber Security: Protect Yourself Against Ransomeware – cyber thieves hold your computer and data hostage until you pay them. March 5
  8. Just Days Left to Enter the $30,000 Prairie Pines Raffle – Innovative way to raise operating funds for the Prairie Pines Assisted Living Center. See the winners in number 17. September 9
  9. 7 Key Retirement Milestones Everyone Should Know About – Start planning your retirement strategy now. April 2
  10. Colorado Earthquake Count Rises to 12 in 36 hours – An unusual swarm rocked the area around Snowmass Village. January 21
  11. Stolen Vehicle Recovered in Eads – Drugs were found, too. February 15
  12. Eight Earthquakes in Colorado Overnight – The swarm mentioned in number 10 had just begun. January 20
  13. Movie Review: Logan – The X-Men movie series is a recurring part of pop culture. March 11
  14. Another Earthquake Near Rangely Tuesday, 3 in Dolores County Saturday – Earthquakes were mainly on Colorado’s west slope this year. December 12
  15. Cat Strays – 800 Miles from Home – Cats like to keep to themselves; this one took it a bit farther. April 2
  16. Eads, Wiley Sign Agreements to Provide Air Ambulance Memberships to Residents – With the ever-increasing cost of medical transportation in rural areas, the town governments found another part of the solution. January 20
  17. Full List of Winners in the Prairie Pines Raffle – Who won? How much? (also see number 8) September 16
  18. Eads Flooding – Photos to accompany the video in number 5. July 15
  19. San Luis CPW Staff Member Named Wildlife Officer of the Year – Wildlife Officer Brian Bechaver received the honor from Shikar-Safari Club International. September 15
  20. Ag Hemp Presentation Set for Lamar Community College – Industrial hemp used to be an important cash crop in the United States, and some would like to see it return. February 20
  21. Eads Elementary Named National Title One Distinguished School – One of two schools in Colorado, and one of only 100 in the nation to receive the award. January 18
  22. Misprint on Colorado Driver Licenses and Identification Card – You might have been a little taller than you remember if your license was printed during this two week period. March 7
  23. Rialto Hotel Demolition – Photos as an historic landmark in Eads comes to an end. April 8
  24. The Week Ahead: Sub-freezing and Snow Potential – Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it – and the cold has returned to open another year. January 1
  1. Ag Department Updates Farmers’ Market Directory – Who doesn’t love farm-fresh produce? June 9