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The Town of Eads Board of Trustees meeting minutes - January 14, 2020

Eads, Colorado, Town Hall © - Chris Sorensen

The Regular Meeting of the Town of Eads Board of Trustees was called to order by Mayor Shields, Tuesday January 14, 2020 at 4:59 p.m. in the Town Hall. Town Clerk, Robin Fox, took roll call:

Mayor – Joe D. Shields- Present

Trustees – Present –Meghan Buck, Terry Riley, Dennis Pearson, and Kathy McCracken

Absent – Justin McLoud 

Town Clerk- Robin Fox –Present

Assistant Clerk- Barbara Scranton-Present

Director of Public Works- Van Brown- Present

Audiences/Public Comment Period-

Sylvia Shields attended the meeting on behalf of Prairie Pines requesting the board of Trustees to consider annexing the establishment into town limits. She was told that they would discuss it and get back with her. 

Minutes­- Dennis Pearson moved to approve the minutes as presented. Terry Riley seconded, motion passed unanimously. 

Approval of Bills – The finance committee reviewed the bills prior to the meeting. Kathy McCracken moved to approve payment of the bills. Megan Buck seconded, motion passed unanimously. 

Old Business:

Pool- There is no new information to present or discuss at this time. 

New Business:

Water Rates – Town Clerk Robin Fox presented the Trustees with the current water rates as well as what the rates will become with the annual 3% increase in rates. After some discussion the trustees decided against an increase in rates at this time. Terry Riley motioned to leave water rates as they are. Meghan Buck seconded, motion passed unanimously. Terry Riley motioned to leave sewer rates as they are. Meghan Buck seconded, motion passed unanimously. 

Bring Up Items

Crower Luther Cultural Events Center (CLCEC) – The CLCEC is selling brinks to be put outside of the Theater as a fund raiser. Dennis Pearson motioned to have the Town of Eads buy one. Meghan Buck seconded. A roll call vote was taken. Dennis Pearson – Yes; Terry Riley – Abstained; Kathy McCracken – Yes; Meghan Buck – Yes; Justin McLoud – Absent.

Director of Public Works – Van Brown informed the board that the elevated tank and the lagoon liner is out for bid for repair. 

Annexing Prairie Pines – After some discussion the trustees determined that the annexing of Prairie Pines should not be done at this time. 

Adjournment- Dennis Pearson motioned to adjourn the meeting at 5:36 pm. Kathy McCracken seconded, motion passed unanimously.

Joe D. Shields, Mayor


Barbara Scranton,  Assistant Town Clerk