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Town of Eads trash disposal notes

Eads Town Hall at Sunrise - © / Chris Sorensen
  • Dumpsters are for household waste.

    • The town is charged by weight each time they dump.


The town offers burn barrels for free, and we will deliver to your house. Only weeds and leaves can be burned in these barrels.

  • The more the Town of Eads pays, the more you will be charged because we will be forced to raise the monthly rates.

Do Not Use the Dumpsters for yard waste!

  • Grass is heavy and wet grass is really heavy.

No construction products are allowed in dumpsters,

  • Including dry wall, shingles, wood, etc.

No furniture is allowed and will NOT be picked up.

  • This includes TVs, microwaves, and computers.
  • We do not check the dumpster when loading. Do Not place items such as bedrail inside the dumpster. These can damage the hauler and the repairs are extensive and expensive which aren’t in the budget, resulting in higher fees to cover the seemly innocent act.

If you are going to put cardboard in the dumpsters, please break them down.

  • Full boxes take up room and then others cannot use the dumpsters.

There are recycling bins for cardboard by the town shop. Individuals can haul grass and limbs and tumble weeds for free to the landfill.

  • The town CANNOT haul these to the dump. The Town is charged for everything that is in the trash truck.

This items was updated November 21, 2023.