6 ways to spend more time enjoying nature

6 ways to spend more time enjoying nature


Nature is incredible, and spending time outside is beneficial to our physical and mental health. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find time to get out and explore Mother Nature. Many of us live busy lives with jobs and households to prioritize. However, that doesn’t mean your love for the great outdoors needs to go on the back burner. Discover the best ways to spend more time enjoying nature.

Go hiking

Activities such as hiking are fun full-body workouts that require you to spend time outside. Colorado has some of the best hiking spots, including Cheery Creek State Park, Stanley Canyon Trail, and Barr Lake State Park.

If you’ve never gone hiking, ensure you have the essential gear, such as a tactical backpack, hiking shoes, a lightweight hiking belt, and a reusable water bottle. Additionally, stick to easier trails to avoid the risk of injury.

Pro tip

Many hikers hang some of their gear off of elastic belts during their adventures. When doing this, ensure you know how to maintain your elastic belt to keep it in great shape for countless adventures.

Go camping

Nothing beats the fun you’ll have when camping! This is a fun way to spend more time in nature because you can combine it with a day of hiking, paddleboarding, or fishing. You can even spend your night star gazing. When you go camping, set your phone aside to enjoy your time outside and live in the moment.

Decide whether you’d like to go solo or bring others along as you plan your camping trip. If you have a dog, you could also search for canine-friendly campsites to enjoy the journey with your furry friend.

Eat outside

Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in a day. On busy days, you could simply enjoy a meal outside. Having breakfast on your patio and listening to the birds sing is a relaxing start to any day. You could also enjoy an evening snack and watch the sunset from the comfort of your yard.

Start a garden

By starting a garden, you can spend a little time outside each day. Decide whether you want to grow flowers, herbs, fruits, veggies, or a mix of things. Gardening is also a healthy way to decompress and gives you fun in your free time.

Do what you love

You determine your ideal ways of getting outside, so experiment with various activities and do the ones you love most. Spending time in nature always feels exciting when you love what you do. Happy exploring!