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About Town – January 17, 2022

Doris Lessenden

“Be kind to one and other, tenderhearted, and forgiving” Ephesians 4: 32

Eads Eagle fans had been looking forward to watching the County Line Rivals, with whom the Eads students wrestle as a team, last Friday and Saturday in Eads. But, alas, according to Athletic Director Trey Eder, both wrestling meets were cancelled because of Covid issues. Eads students who have been having wrestling practices with young men from Wiley and McClave are Arron Musgrave, Brenden Riefenschnider, Keenan Smith, Chase Stolzenberger, and Tait Weeks-Johnson

Besides the horrible wildfires near Boulder, a friend to many folks in Eads and Kit Carson is Glen Mitchek, whose home burned down last week in Cheyenne Wells. I remember when Margaret Brown’s ranch home burned near Chivington. It was such a loss to her. Her grief seemed like that after a death of a loved one.

Stacy Evans drove up from southern Texas to spend Christmas Day with his father, Roger, whose birthday they celebrated December 25. Stacy also came to spend time with his aunt, Linda Gibbs, and his cousins, whose husband and father’s (Sid’s) funeral was in the Cheyenne Wells school gymnasium Tuesday.

We invite senior citizens to come to the 2:00 p.m. coffee hour on Mondays. We enjoy Gail Voss’ coffee or tea and visiting for an hour. Loretta Siebel had a lovely Christmas time in warm Texas with her daughter, Cheryl’s family. Alice Glover told us about her trip to Iowa to see her granddaughter, Chelsy’s, family, and then onto Ohio to visit granddaughter, Chevaun’s, family. Alice traveled with her son, Richard, and Koy in their new blue pickup truck.

It was good to get a letter from the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation last week. The new KCEDF Director is Cindy McLoud. She has been working parttime since Jan Richards retired last year. Cindy is known for writing and getting grants for organizations in Kiowa County, and she is already at work on others. Cindy would welcome our donations to continue what Jan Richards and the board was working on. 

Congratulations to Trevor Randel, who has become a Corporal in the Marines, and will be stationed in Australia next. His parents are Janelle and David Crow of Eads.

Ladies of the Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary met last week to plan new projects to help the residents. They are very pleased and thankful to the people who donated to their fund during and before the annual Holiday Bazaar. Life is often lonelier during these days of Covid worries at the Weisbrod facility and at Prairie Pines Assisted Living Center. If people have magazines to share or other entertaining items, they can take them to Amanda Spalding at Weisbrod or Brandy Barnes at Prairie Pines or call me, Doris. I visit with residents at both homes often, so I have empathy and do sympathize with them. I care because I realize that I could be in Weisbrod someday - any day. 

Chase Stolzenberger drove to Denver to meet with the state 4-H officer team last weekend to make plans for the 2022 4-H year. Chase is the State 4-H Treasurer and a senior at Eads High School.

Saturday morning was the funeral of Gloria Blankenbaker Peck. She was a Kit Carson graduate and later married Clayton Peck of Chivington-Eads. Their sons are Kim of North Dakota and Kip (Dawna) of Eads. Kim quit his trucking job for several months to remain in Eads to oversee the care of their mother and grandmother. The United Methodist Church family and friends hosted a noon lunch for the guests after the funeral.

It is reported that Julie (Nordquist) Zimmerman has awakened from an induced coma. She has suffered for months with Covid.

My teacher-sports photographer friend, Henry Ashida, is in Parkview Hospital following an accident with a big truck on a highway between Walsenberg and Fowler, where he had gone to photograph Crowely County students last Thursday night.

Friends of Carl Randel of Kit Carson were concerned that he was hospitalized again last week.

Congratulations to Kinley Williams, Eads Middle School student from near Brandon, who won a placing in the 2021 VFW Patriot’s Pen essay contest. She is a student in Mrs. Kelly Courkamp’s class.

Jennifer (Johnson) Boyd of Louisville, near Boulder, shared that many of their friends and students at their daughter, Brooklyn’s, school have lost everything in the wildfire. She says that if people would like to donate to the students or families, that any money or particularly gift cards to stores will help. She and her husband, Brett, have been taking children to the stores to buy what the need or want with the gift cards that have been donated. A person can also contact her on Facebook or e-mail: Jennifer is the daughter of Sharon and the late Rod Johnson, who left a legacy of many good deeds in Kiowa County. Let’s help them now, please.

Citizens in Haswell and Eads are looking forward to having their full course meal and meetings this week. Remember that it is important for a person’s mental health to visit in small groups. Come on, get out of your house. Go somewhere.

Happy New Year, friends.