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About Town – June 5, 2023

Doris Lessenden

“A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.” Proverbs 17:17

Tracey Weeks hosted a tea time reception for veterans and their families and friends Memorial Day at the Wild Cat Corner in Kit Carson that was well attended. The guests enjoyed an array of doughnuts and beverages.

Orville and Rita Mousel had a number of guests come to their home last week to honor him and give him gifts and a birthday cake. Thank you to Chris Sorensen for his photo and story of the occasion to relate that Orville is now 102, and his amazing World War II story. Orville was on the ship California in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii when it was bombed in December of 1942. He swam to Ford Island for safety. His family in Cheyenne Wells was told that he died in the war. They eventually had a funeral for him. Some time later, Orville returned to his family in Cheyenne Wells. This handsome sailor was reunited with Rita, a hometown girl, and they later were married and had two sons. Orville stayed on and served six years in the Navy. After a full work life they, chose to invest in land near Eads and retire here. What a blessing and privilege for us to have this wonderful couple in our community. 

Katie Kopaz, her daughter, Rachel, and employee hosted their annual “Lady Bug Release” event recently at their Blue Roof Hydro Farm, where people like the go buy plants and blooming flowers. Katie makes this day so educational for the children and caretakers. These booming greenhouses are on County Road 49 – also called the “Parker Road” - south of Highway 96 west of Chivington.

What a wonderful surprise the turn on the PBS television station last Thursday evening “Colorado Voices” and see and hear our own Jimmy Brown and his wife, Amanda Brown, speaking. The Brown’s funeral homes were featured! What caught my eye was recognizing aerial views of Eads, the Eads Cemetery, a young child’s memorial stone, and other particularly lovely markers in our cemetery. As Jimmie and Amanda told about their funeral home business, a tour was shown of the Eads funeral home. Jimmy and his wife, Mandy, have such a compassionate business to serve grieving families. It is a 24-hour a day type of occupation. His nephew, Kartson Buller, who will be a sophomore, is a helper to him. 

Brystol Bletzacker of Eads has won more competitions in Kansas, and will be competing this summer in a national competition. Another Eads girl who trains with the Wild West Wranglers in Lamar is Bella Adame, who has also won a place to compete in Orlando, Florida! Tom and Kim Richards’ granddaughter, Coryn Oquist, is a younger competitor from McClave School and has won many honors this spring.

The excitement of the 6-Man All-State football games was this weekend in Hugo. Two Eads players, Connor Wollert and AJ Vasquez, and Kit Carson’s Alex Mitchek and Tanner Conoway, were chosen to play in this game, which is a real thrill for these young men who love this game and excel in playing.

I read in Pages from the Past in the Kiowa County Press that, 15 years ago, Lori Beth Weirich set an Eads Eagle school record at the Colorado state track meet by throwing the shot put. She continues the break records, and makes wonderful things happen for other people, in her banking job in Tribune, Kansas, as well as her service for missions in low economic areas in the USA and the world.

Mike Arth and his mother, Barb Seay, gave me a surprise visit Friday afternoon! What a blessing for me - in just a few minutes, that young man fixed my fire alarms, installed a new rain gauge, and checks his past repairs or additions to my home to see that all is working well while Barb and I visited as quickly as we could to catch up.

Alexa Nelson of Haswell has won some more honors since she graduated with honors from Karval High School. Alexa will soon travel the Washington, D.C. on the trip that many 4-H members hope to attain. She will be a leader at the Colorado State 4-H Conference, and was a helpful youth leader at the district 4-H creative cooks contest and cake decorating contests held in Eads last week at the senior citizen center.

Terry Aldridge and her assistant, Brain Patterson, have been working wonders with the beauty of the colorful news homes that have been ordered and set in Kit Carson. This is under the coordination of the Kit Carson Economic Foundation. Last week, I talked to Terry as she was inspecting the new plants and bushes she planted around the properties of Weisbrod Hospital. The doctors who now come to serve at the Eads Clinic can stay in the brand new homes on the corner of Slater and 12th Streets.

It is so good the hear KLMR radio back on the air!

Young people would like to mow your lawns. Phone numbers are posted in the post office in Eads.

There will be two performances of the stage show, “Rapunzel” at the Plains Theatre in Eads Friday evening, June 9. We are so excited the see the children!

Kit Carson vacation Bible school at Trinity Lutheran Church is June 12-16 from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. 

Reader: What can you do the support our youth?