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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Friday, June 8, 2018
by Doris Lessenden

"For by Grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not of your own doing. , It is a gift of God not a result of good works so no one can boast" Ephesians 2 :8-9

The Taco Night fundraiser at the Praise Community Church last week brought out what I thought looked like about 500 people, but Debbie Gooden said, "No, not so, maybe there were 200 or more." It was a big affair with people sitting around tables outside and inside and in rows in the shade to listen to the live music that was performed by Alicia James and the Jaime and Elise Crockett Band. The pulled beef tacos and foods were served by the Gooden families and the church families as well as some help from other Christian friends. For years and years June and Bonnie Weeks took Samaritan Purse boxes packed with youth gifts to Lamar and then Pam Crow took up the work. This year Kennan and Ashley Gooden decided they would help mobilize this wonderful charity work. The postage is $8.00 or more to mail a box somewhere in the world, so this fundraiser will help local people to send their boxes and maybe pack more for the children not only in war torn countries but in places where natural disasters occur.

Happy 90th birthday goes to Emma Briggs, formerly of Haswell, and "happy 90th birthday" to Jimmy Bendorf formerly of Galatea! For many years these families have celebrated Emma and Jimmy's birthday together. His three daughters moved furniture around so he could enjoy people coming to the party in his home last week.

The senior citizen brunch was a lively place last Thursday with all the round tables filled. We were especially happy to have Don McDaniel return since he bought a home and moved back to Eads.

At least three days last week volunteers from around the county and town worked at digging and planting trees, blooming roses and bushes, and bright flowers around the gazebo and walk-ways south of the Prairie Pines. It is so beautiful! This is a dream that came true which was started by the benefactor, Dorie Johnson, and her nephew, Rod Johnson. Much thanks goes to the Pines Board, volunteers and financial donors who brought this garden to fruition. The rooms are full now in the Pines, so the place is really bustling. Another good thing is the marvelous meals there! Last week I enjoyed their excellent Mexican spoon bread with chicken breast topped with a tasty sauce and tropical dessert.

Miss Lindsey Todd, with Tim Weeks as driver, took a big group of FFA students to their state conference at CSU-Pueblo. The students had an enjoyable time hearing motivational speakers and learning activities.

The Chamber of Commerce met last week and will arrange a Chamber after Hours event to announce the Citizen of the Year and the Volunteers of the Year, 2017. The members are planning ahead for the Kiowa County Fair.

There were 14 vehicles and more people waiting outside the community building last Wednesday night. No key, so we finally were able to meet in the courthouse. It is remarkable all the details and contracts those volunteer Fair Board members deal with to prepare for the five days of the County Fair!

Finding a parking place during the T-ball games is a challenge but so worth it. Those little four to six-year-old players are fun to watch. The north ball park is improved with more cement and pretty trees. When I explored the concession stand it is quite nice with the helpful mothers, Sharon Crow Wilson and Polly Howe Gyurman, who were working there. They said that the board is thinking about planting more trees in the back field so people can sit there to watch the games. Now that is a great idea.

Bob Alfano's small engine business is outgrowing his yard it appears. I am so glad the historic metal blacksmith shop has a use and we can still enjoy seeing "history" preserved for a good purpose near the railroad.

The Crow-Luther group did get a lot of old items sold at their garage sale. Now the board is hoping to move ahead to clean up the garage for a green room. CLCEC is in a search for vendors for the July 29 Maine Street Bash. If readers have questions or want to volunteer to help with the Bash, they could visit with some of the following people: Betsy Barnett, Kim Richards, Mary Vasquez, Charlene Gifford, Connie Shotton, Marty Miller, Krissy Ray, Alicia James, Terry Riley, and Ken Flory. 

Dr. Delma Ramos, 2005 Eads High School graduate, earned her Doctorate (PHD) at the University of Denver June 7 and 8. Dr. Delma has a concentration in higher education with specialty in research methods and statistics. Her family from Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, and Mexico shared the joyful celebration with her in Denver. We are so proud of her accomplishments and future work.

Kailyn Lane and Jimmy Darnell were hosted with a lovely bridal shower last week at the Praise Community Church. Fran Larrew baked and decorated the pretty cake in aqua colors, which they will use for their August wedding.

Happy 95th birthday to June Weeks June 7. She had a such a nice party with family and friends at the Weisbrod Extended Care Unit.

The monthly Eads Senior Citizen's Center noon meal and meeting will be Wednesday, June 21. 

Charlie Vasquez is serving his great meals weekdays at 11:00 am to 2:00 p.m. out of the Main Scoop adjoining the Plains Theatre. 

The United Methodist Church ladies are busy this month gathering names and orders for the community birthday calendars. If you want a family member listed, you may call anyone of these ladies. Some names that come to mind are Verna Ebright, Joyce Berry, Areta Laird, Betty Crow, Konda McKnight, Gail Voss, Mary Eikner, Glenda Stoker, Krissy Ray, Cynthia Ramsey or Dorothy Ellicott.

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