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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Saturday, October 27, 2018
by Doris Lessenden

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34

The above scripture was on Lori LeAnn Shalberg's funeral folder that celebrated her life with hundreds of people filling the Plainview School gym last Friday. The memorial time was remarkable, heart-touching, and revealed a young woman who lived with faith in God. A group of smartly-uniformed former Fort Collins firemen and firewomen solemnly served as a color guard and kept motionless guard by her coffin. Singers Trudy Howard, Mike Beaman, Barb Gitchell, and Burl Scherler vocally contributed to the beauty of the service. Pastors Ernie Lambright and Larry Gitchell shared heart touching experiences and thoughts that they had shared with Lori, and the meaningful scriptures she liked. Lori's niece and nephew, Brandy and Brock Shalberg, shared humorous and serious memories of their Aunt Lori. Lori was dearly loved and admired by people from all walks of life.

Friday was a long day for many volleyball players and fans at the district playoffs at Lamar Community College. Loraine Nieman Saffer, CEO of the area BOCES office, posted this message before the games: "All the talent in the world won't take you anywhere without your teammates." At the end of the day, Kit Carson, McClave, and Eads will advance to the regional tournament this weekend. This is the first time in five years that the Eads team has advanced to the regional tournament. At 8:49 a.m. Kit Carson Coach Penny Isenbart's team won the 400th game of her coaching career.

Congratulations to my neighbors around the corner, Kailey (Lane) and Weston Meardon, whose baby boy was born last week. Brilon Thomas has an older sister, Breckin.

Bill and Charlotte Woelk had a call that Daniel Supulski, 86, has passed. Dan was a much beloved teacher and coach about 50 years ago. Although he lived most of his life in Dansville, New York, Dan always had such good memories of the people around Eads.

Ms Lindsey Todd and some younger Eads Future Farmers of America members attended the National FFA Convention last week in Kentucky. On KLMR radio, I heard former Eads FFA advisor, Lance Jagers say that he liked hearing President Donald Trump speak, and Lance's daughter, Cassidy Jagers said she liked hearing Garth Brooks sing to them. Those trips to Kentucky are very memorable for our teenage FFA members, of which we had six members from Eads attend this year.

Our sympathy is extended to Bob and Kemma Alfano of Eads. Bob's father, Thomas L. Alfano, passed in New Orleans where the Alfano's went to be with family and friends. Bob is a new employee of the Kiowa HealthMart and has a small engine business on the side.

Rick and Kim Harris of Sheridan Lake had a new adventure this year after they planted three pumpkin seeds in cans in the soil this summer. This fall, they produced hundreds of pumpkins which they shared with youth and families from surrounding communities and Kansas. When we were painting pumpkins at Prairie Pines last week, I asked Teri Simmons-Castle, "Where did you buy all these pumpkins?" Teri replied, "Oh, Kim Harris gave them to us." What a Blessing!

George and Dorothy Ellicott traveled to Central City, Nebraska, to the wedding of their grandson, T.J. (Tanner Justin) Ellicott to Erica Pirog. The wedding was in a pumpkin patch. Dorothy said there were hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins and they also lined the road going up to the wedding site. Tanner works with a veterinarian and Erica is a Physician's Assistant. Tanner is the son of the late Justin Ellicott formerly of Eads and Nebraska. Tanner is increasing his cattle herd at this mother, Ivy's, farm.

It was a rainy day for the funeral of Elred Lee Bouldin, last Wednesday. His funeral service was held at the Praise Community Church where his wife, Bertha (Bert) King's service was held. Former pastor, Shawn Johnston, of Canon City came to officiate the funeral. Some members, friends of Nancy McCracken, of the United Methodist Church served the dinner at the Community Building.

A.J. and Taylor (Spady) Hobby were married recently and spent their honeymoon at a resort in Mexico near the beach. Her father, Heath Spady, and family members prepared the meat entree for their reception at the Fowler fairgrounds October the 27.

Last Sunday evening when I went to visit the United Methodist Church in Haswell, I saw Frankie and Rosemary Stoker walking down the road from their home to church, where Rosemary plays the piano for the hymns. They were happy to have Rosemary's sister, Nancy and husband, Richard Olson and her brother, Alan, and Kathleen Schmitt also visiting from Kansas to be with them. While I was waiting, I had a nice visit with Mark Nelson, who told me that his mother, Shirley, has been away for more eye treatments but has returned to the Weisbrod Extended Care Unit, where she has lived for most of this year.

The Eads church had their worship service at 8:00 a.m. so Pastor Spencer Black could celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Cheyenne Wells church. Betty Crow and Gail Voss went to lead the chapel service at Weisbrod Sunday. Afterwards, we had such a great discussion about Haswell history, since six ladies there had lived in the Haswell community! Vernie Miller, Margaret Frazee, Virginia Mitchell, Emma Briggs, Valorie Briggs, and Gail Voss could write an interesting book!

I just had a phone call that my dear fellow teacher, Jacob Diel passed away. Details next week.

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